Do You Find The “Tree Trimming” Around Town Unsettling? Know Your Rights!

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Mar 232014

The loss of trees in Orange is devastating.

The loss of trees in Orange is devastating.

They call it paradise
I don’t know why
You call someplace paradise,
kiss it goodbye

— The Last Resort by the Eagles

Following is a message from Bruce Lindsay, a CT licensed arborist with a degree in Horticulture regarding the UI tree trimming and removal that is taking place in Orange. 

Homeowners of Orange, the United Illuminating company is trimming and removing trees through a pilot program called ETT or Enhanced Tree Trimming. They will remove anything from ground to sky 8 feet to either side of the wires.

This trimming practice will undue the beauty and privacy of our rural roads and cause ecological harm as well. You all have the right to object to any trimming or removal and you should, because it is being poorly supervised by this town, which is lacking a state certified tree warden.

Any trees slated for removal are required, by state law, to be posted with a notice for public input by the tree warden only. This has not been happening. Just look at Tyler City Road, Lambert Road and Buttonball.

I’m not saying object to every tree but most are healthy. So know your rights…UI does not have the right to just take these trees down until approval is met by the tree warden and the property owner, this too is state law.

If you see a small colored piece of ribbon stapled to a tree that is UI’s method for tagging a tree for removal. Please drive down Pine Tree drive for example.

Hamden put a moratorium on ETT after a public hearing,

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Bruceflindsay@msn.com or  203-627-3150 or my constituents on the Orange Tree Committee.

Note: Lindsay also is a tree warden in Westport.