Know What You’re Voting For At The Amity Budget Referendum On Tuesday

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May 072018

The proposed budget for the Amity Regional School District, comprised of Amity High School and Amity Middle Schools in Orange and Bethany will go to a tri-town Referendum vote on Tuesday, May 8. 

Longtime Orange residents know that your town pays the highest percentage (more than half of the total) of the three member towns because nearly twice as many Orange residents attend these schools than either of the others.

The budget allocations are as follows:                                         

                                  Students      % Allocation 

 Bethany                      429            19.290% 

 Orange                     1,116             50.180% 

 Woodbridge               679             30.530% 

 Total                        2,224           100.000% 

                                   2017‐2018           2018‐2019

Bethany                  $9,495,632            $9,295,901     

Orange                   $24,017,483            $24,181,870     

Woodbridge           $14,737,047            $14,712,485      

Other Sources        $    189,001             $    836,279  

Total                      $48,439,163            $49,026,535    

Hard copies of the budget are available at each of the member towns’ libraries and Town Halls and the District Officeof the Amity Regional School District. 

The total budget request of $49,026,535 is an increase of $587,372 or 1.21% more than the current budget.                                     

                  Budget Summary: 

            Expenditures by Category 

Category            2018‐2019 

Salaries          $25,985,048 

Benefits         $  6,092,697 

Purchased Services        $  8,495,258 

Debt Service          $  4,595,576 

Supplies         $  2,978,862 

Equipment         $     380,655 

Building & Site Improvements        $     181,000 

Contingency          $     150,000 

Dues & Fees          $     167,439 

Total Budget          $49,026,535 

Increase of 1.21% 

The referendum will take place at High Plains Community Center, 525 Orange Center Road, on Tuesday, May 8 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Visit the District #5 Website to view the entire budget and to see a detailed explanation of the budget prior to voting.