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Amity Principal Charles Britton, Award recipient Mikaila Schmitt and Athletic Director Paul Mengold at the Block A Dinner in June.

Amity Principal Charles Britton, Award recipient Mikaila Schmitt and Athletic Director Paul Mengold at the Block A Dinner in June.

The 58th annual Block A Dinner, Athletic Award Presentations sponsored by the Amity Athletics Booster Club took place at Grassy Hill Country Club on June 8.

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Beth Young, the Booster Club President opened the event before a room full of the best-of-the-best in Amity sports, their coaches and parents.

One-by-one the various Amity coaches came forward to present the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award to the one player who contributed amazing things to their  particular sport during the past school year.

The MVPs are:

Boys Sports                                                                       

Baseball – Sebastian DiMauro

Basketball – Dave Ryan

Cross Country – Michael Yuan

Football – Joe Choiniere

Golf – Brent Marieb

Ice Hockey – Adam Shea

Indoor Track – Aaron Rattley

Ski Racing – Scott —

Lacrosse – Joe Choiniere

Swimming AJ Pite

Soccer – (goalie) Griffin Volta

Track and Field – Ben Feola

Tennis – (16-1 record) Jason Seidman

Volleyball – (196 kills) Tyler Barwise

Wrestling – Jesse Cala

Girls Sports

Basketball – Chloe Brinton

Dance – Rosie Richetelli

Cross Country – Emily Criscuolo

Field Hockey – Lauren Kelly

Ice Hockey – Sarah Wydra

Ski Racing – Rebecca Lettick

Indoor Track – Allison Denny

Softball – Jill DeMaio

Lacrosse –

Tennis – Claire Foster

Soccer – Chloe Brinton

Track and Field – Zoey Reed

Swimming – Dana Chung

Volleyball – (290 kills) Allison Denny

Individual Awards – Boys

Mark E. Greco Memorial Hockey Award – Keating Seymour

Jeremy Saxe Memorial Award – Evan Donahue

James Dunleavy Memorial Hockey Award – Brett McNeil

Steven J. Zeider Memorial Swimming Award – Charlie Pite

Thomas J. Ross Memorial Manager Award – __________________

Thomas G. Laugeni Memorial Award – Brent Marieb

Albert L. Seymour Memorial Award – Keating Seymour

Versatility Award – Ben Feola

Booster Club Scholar-Athlete Award – Michael Yuan

Sportsmanship Award – Dan Horton

Athlete of the Year Award – Joe Choiniere

Individual Awards – Girls

Thomas J. Ross Memorial Award – Isabella Bierezowiec

Thomas G. Laugeni Memorial Award – Ashley Woo

Albert J. Seymour Memorial Award – ________________

Versatility Award – Claire Foster

Booster Club Scholar-Athlete Award – Kathleen Feng

Sportsmanship Award –  _____________________

Athletic Department Recognition Award – Dakota ___________________

Amity Coaches Association Awards:

Outstanding Service: Todd Glodowski

Coach of the Year: Michael “Scooter” Richetelli

Asst. Coach of the Year: Bill McNeil

Paul Mengold Leadership Award

With the retirement of longtime Athletic Director Paul Mengold, a new award was created to honor a student who demonstrates exemplary leadership skills.

This year’s recipient of the Paul Mengold Leadership Award was Mikaila Schmitt.

During the ceremony, it was mentioned that Boy’s Cross Country Coach Bob Orgovan, who’s been guiding Amity Athletes for 32 years, was in the running for the National High School Athletic Coaches Association’s Coach of the Year award.

In June, Orgovan attended the convention at the Snow King Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Well worth the trip. Orgovan won the honor. Congratulations to you coach!

NOTE: The Blank spaces are for names that Orange Live did not catch during the ceremony.

Jun 102014

sports awardsThe Booster Club  will be selling pizza from 5:30  –  6:20 pm  before the Spring Sports Awards Night ceremony at Amity High School on Thursday, June 12. 

Cost will be $5 for two slices and a water. 

Please contact Truidanne at  [email protected]

Mar 312014

Amity Lacrosse from 2011-12 season

Amity Lacrosse from 2011-12 season

In order to eliminate the interruption of classes with athletic announcements, a new procedure has been in place.  Some of you may be aware of this procedure from the FALL and Winter  Athletic Seasons.  Athletic games, meets and practices cancelled due to inclement weather when school is in session will be announced via phone text and/or email.

PLEASE NOTE:  this is not to replace being signed up on CIACSPORTS.COM for details regarding schedule changes, but rather just a quick notice of events or practices cancelled/postponed due to inclement weather for a particular day when school is in session.

Please see the attachment below for directions to sign up.  EVEN IF YOU HAVE SIGNED UP FOR FALL  or WINTER SPORTS, YOU WILL NEED TO SIGN UP AGAIN FOR SPRING.

[email protected]

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Oct 092013

Face is blurred to conceal his identity

Face is blurred to conceal his identity

Ladies and Gentlemen, When at Amity sporting events, please act like ladies and gentlemen.

From the CIAC Handbook:


“Concerns with the behavior of student-athletes and coaches on the field or court and the ever increasing unsportsmanlike behavior of spectators, the sportsmanship committee believes it is essential that all member schools and leagues have sportsmanship standards and programs in place.”

At Wednesday’s Boys Varsity Soccer Game against Foran, a fan from the visiting team became excessively loud and verbally abusive toward one of the referees.

Amity Athletic Director Paul Mengold approached the man and asked him to leave the school grounds. (His behavior wasn’t setting a good example for anyone).

When the man stepped out into the parking lot he stood by the fence, but did not leave, police were called and requested that he vacate the grounds.

Good sportsmanship, it’s not just for athletes. Good behavior goes a long way, no matter how old you are.

A couple of weeks ago we watched in disbelief as a visiting team displayed total disrespect for one of our teams.

Amity stresses good sportsmanship and from today’s incident our school is not afraid to ensure that everyone behaves properly at our sporting events.


Sep 132013

Amity Athletic Director Paul Mengold.

Amity Athletic Director Paul Mengold.

Amity Athetic Director Paul Mengold will be inducted into the New Haven Gridiron Club Hall of Fame.

The New Haven Gridiron Club is an organization which recognizes outstanding achievement in high school football in New Haven County.

Mengold is being honored for his tireless commitment to the development of student-athletes.