Notes In A Nutshell: Sept. 9 Board Of Selectmen’s Meeting

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Sep 092015

Zeoli BOSThe Orange Board of Selectmen met at Town Hall tonight, Sept. 9 at 7:30 p.m.

Here is a summary of what was discussed:


Selectman Ralph Okenquist clarified that Selectman Ken Lenz did not vote NO on the Gun Show location, rather, he abstained from voting.

Selectman Lenz suggested having a Kristen Greist Day in honor of the Orange Native who is one of the first two women in history to become Army Rangers.

Amity Teen Center President Jane Opper announced that the ATC collected $941 parking cars for the Labor Day Concert.


Get your entry blanks for the Orange Country Fair in by the 12th.

The Town’s roadwork is getting done. Lights are in at High Plains, curbing is done at fire station #1 and High Plains.


To consider and act on the request to hold a block party in the South Greenbrier Drive and Burning Tree Drive neighborhood (enclosure)

Unanimously approved.

To consider and act on the request to appoint the Bond Construction Oversight Committee to be involved with the Derby Milford Road Bridge project (enclosure)

This is where Grassy Hill meets Derby Milford. This met with positive comments by the board members. The board will have to approve an engineer and how it will be funded, as well as the contractor who will do the work. The job most likely will be done sometime in 2017.

Unanimously approved.

To consider and act on the request to approve the 2015 Extension to Agreement between the Town of Orange and Local 1303-316 of Council #4, AFSCME, AFL-CIO (School Nurses) (pending on Personnel Meeting approval – enclosure)

Unanimously approved.

To consider and act on the request to approve the renewal leases for the three historic buildings (enclosure)

Town Attorney Vincent Marino: minimal cost for rent, maintain properties for public use. Historical Society carries liability insurance, pays for water, gas, oil.

Goldblatt questioned why the society has to pay for it since these are town-owned properties. He said these burdens should be on the town since the leases are for the next 10 years.

Selectman Judy Williams agreed.

Marlene Silverstein, OHS treasurer said they pay for electricity and telephones were necessary, and water. All 3 buildings $200 month and $50 water. All Volunteer organization. She said the town pays for gas, oil and fuel.

Silverstein said the society has next to nothing in their bank account since it expended most of it restoring the Bryan House.

Most of the leases date back to the 1980s and haven’t changed so this is an opportunity for the Society and the Board to both look over them and decide what to do.

Goldblatt said the town should pick up the water and electricity bills as well.

Will revisit during the October meeting.

To consider and act on the request to approve the tax refunds for the month of September in the amount of $37,720.70 (enclosure)

Approved. One Abstention.

Request for the Jan. 1, 2016 Chilly Chili Run. This is the 19th annual race and the first in the nation with several over 90 year old runners. Is a Fundraiser for the Amity Teen Center (last year it raised $11,000).

Unanimously approved


Capital Planning – Selectman Okenquist

XXXX – something will be coming for October’s meeting.

Pension Board – Selectman Goldblatt

down .02%

contributions for next year for the town plan 81% funded, police at 69%

The plan is closed, no new members coming in.

Bond Construction Oversight – Selectman Goldblatt

Lots of positive comments about new paving throughout town.

High Plains South wing needs work will find a new contractor.

Personnel Committee – Selectmen Zeoli, Okenquist, Lenz

Executive Session at 8:25 p.m. — discuss Wages for records clerk and asst clerk at PD. — Close Regular Meeting

Aug 122015

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 7.33.55 PMThe Board of Selectmen met at the Orange Town Hall Wednesday, Aug. 12 at 7:30 p.m.

The first speaker said she was not proud to live in Orange because the selectmen approved a gun show at the Community Center in November.

“Shame On You,” she said.

Resident Marilyn Cohen said she knew there would be beautiful antique guns there but also some firearms for sale and she would like the board to rethink holding it at the community center.

The third speaker said she did not believe children should be exposed to guns on town property and asked that the board reconsider the matter.

A Dogwood Road resident said she did not believe the Community Center was a proper venue for the show. She had several questions.

Q: What would be sold at the show?

A: There are several types of items that could be sold, but it is up to the police and state what WILL be allowed to be sold. Any guns that are banned by the STATE will not be available at the show. Whatever is legal in the state of CT

How will the building be secured at night? First Selectman Jim Zeoli said no working guns would be in the building at night.

Police and other personnel will be providing security.

American Legion Commander Lou Merritt said the legion has had two shows recently and the club that is running the show adheres to all the state regulations.

Anyone who is purchasing items at the show must be trained and licensed and must produce all the proper documentation and ID.

Q: Why High Plains and Not The Legion Hall Because High Plains Has Children present for other activities.

A: The Legion is not large enough for the show, parking is an issue and High Plains was chosen by the police.

A: The pool area where children will be is in the rear of the building and separate from where the show is going to be held.

Selectman Mitch Goldblatt asked where the Legion would draw the line on the sale of firearms at the show.

Merritt said if it is legal to sell in CT, then they would not restrict it from being sold.

Q: Will Ammunition be sold?

A: Town Attorney Vincent Marino said he spoke to Chief Gagne and NO Ammunition would be on site.

Goldblatt asked to make a motion to reconsider the prior decision.

Selectman Ralph Okenquist said he’d like to see the issue put on the agenda in September after the Legion has an opportunity to meet with public safety professionals on the 27th of this month.

Zeoli said when the board hears a request from a group they make sure it’s a legal use. He said he is unhappy about the club from Stratford that is joining with the Legion on this show is getting 75% of the profits and the Legion is only getting 25%.

The discussion on this matter will be continued to the Sept. 9 Selectmen’s meeting


DEEP Awarded 7 communities with grants for their recycling efforts. Orange was among the recipients

The Community Services received a grant for a new bus – cost to the town is $10,000 state pays for rest.

Peck Place School, Firehouse #1 and Orange Community Center will be paved next week.

The State’s paving of Orange Center Road has been brutal on resident’s sleep, but it should be done soon.

Thursday, Aug. 13, at 6:30 p.m. at Old Tavern Park. Mom’s Hit The Field Cancer Benefit Softball game. Come On Out!

Indian Tribes that previously applied for recognition and were denied, are exempt from applying again. So, Rainbow Trail residents you are safe for now.


Drones have many positives and negatives, so the Police Chief gave his input and Town Attorney Vin Marino got cracking on it.

The town has the power to enact an ordinance regarding the use of drones in the municipality.

People should be free to do what they want on their own property without fear of invasion of privacy.

Gagne said someone should be allowed to fly one over their own home but…what was the board’s thoughts on the matter?

Everyone loved Kevin Arnone’s Fireworks Video from the Independence Day Celebration, but some people were concerned when they saw the drone flying above them. Kevin was very polite and compliant when asked to move it on over.

Editor’s Note: An inexperienced person like myself may crash one in a crowd. Which would be a serious public safety concern.

The Selectmen would like to hear from the public about their thoughts and customize something for the town.

Executive Session

Discuss refilling a couple of positions at the library.

29.5 to 35 hrs per week for both the adult services and children’s library positions

increase copays for positions by 1%

All unanimously approved.

These decisions were made in the hopes that the Library would be able to re-open on Saturdays.




Latest News Regarding the Rebuilding of Lambert Road

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Aug 212013

Highway Department wooden horses at the intersection of Lambert and Old Tavern Road.

Highway Department wooden horses at the intersection of Lambert and Old Tavern Road.

Lambert Road Update from the Orange Police Department:

Traffic will be restricted on Lambert Road between Hall Drive and Orange Center Road.  Access will be for residents/local traffic only.

Motorists are again urged to use caution on the uneven road surface.

The milling portion of the project is scheduled to be completed today.

Paving will begin on Monday August 26.  It is anticipated that paving and re-striping will be completed by Thursday, Aug. 29, so as not to interfere with the Labor Day Weekend.

Board of Selectmen Discuss The Issues

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Aug 022012

Board of Selectmen

Discussions between the Board of Selectmen members during the public session portion of the meeting on Wednesday.

Road woes

Joe Blake said he’d been approached by residents who were unhappy with the conditions of the roads where the gas lines are going in around town.

First Selectman Jim Zeoli said Orange Center Road had been patched up but Grannis Road and other streets like that weren’t so great.

He recognized that more people want gas because economically it was a better way to go, but all the digging was taking a toll on the roads.

“They patch them, but they must do a better job,” he acknowledged.

Zeoli said that William Laydon does paving for the town and he does a good job, when there are problem areas, Zeoli calls him to fix them.

Support Volunteer Firefighters

Zeoli said the Volunteer Firemen’s Carnival is the cheapest fire insurance that an Orange Resident can have.

“If every household spent a couple hundred bucks at the carnival, it is the cheapest insurance they can have for fire service,” Zeoli said. “If we had a paid Fire Department it would cost us millions of dollars every year.”

Selectman Mitch Goldblatt is the Human Services Director in the town of Guilford, he said that town pays $3 million for fire department payroll alone.

He said Guilford is larger than Orange, but agreed that it would cost millions of dollars to pay for fire service here if the fire department was not 100% volunteer.

Second Summer Concert

Next Wednesday, Aug. 8, the second summer concert will take place at the Orange Fairgrounds at 7 p.m. with Boogie Chillun.

Zeoli said the band always gets everyone moving.

Revaluation Awareness

Residents should be aware that revaluations have begun in Orange and people are knocking on doors to do it. All legitimate appraisers must carry an ID from “Vision” and a Town ID issued by the Police Department.

Zeoli said when they come knocking on your door, you don’t have to let them in, they have every right to walk around your property and evaluate your home from the outside and give it their best guestimate.

If the person cannot produce two IDs do not let them in.

“There are lots of scammers out there,” he said. “two forms of ID are required.”