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Notes In A Nutshell: September Police Commission

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Sep 292017

A new subdivision was on the agenda during the Traffic Authority portion of the Orange Police Commission meeting this month.

Traffic Authority

Brian Baker presented plans for 205 Indian River Road, the old Cuzz Acres Golf Course, for a 4 lot subdivision. The area that used to be a driving range has a lot of frontage space. It’s flat on Edison Raod and slopes down on Indian River across from the Christmas Tree Shops building.

Baker explained that Lot 1 would be used for an office building where 240 parking spaces are required by town regulations, but it will have 302 spaces, therefore satisfying the requirements that will come up at a future TP&Z Commission meeting.

He showed schematics of what could go in on Lots 2 and 3 and told the commission that they were going to submit the plans to the TP&Z for a spot on an upcoming agenda.

The Police Commission discussed the plans and approved them after agreeing that there were no sight line issues, no new roads would be required and they would have no impact on the town infrastructure.

Police Commission

During this portion of the monthly meeting, the commissioners heard Chief Robert Gagne’s report on department expenditures, which included maintenance issues and monies spent for new recruits.


Gagne said there are no concerns with the department’s budget, adding that the environmental service unit in men’s locker room needed fixing to take care of a humidity issue.

Carbon Monoxide in Police SUVs

He also discussed the fact that the Ford Patrol SUVs across the country that were having Carbon Monoxide issues, sickening officers and causing accidents was due to holes that were drilled in the vehicles where they didn’t belong.

He was happy to announce that the Orange PD’s vendor did not do this, so it was not a problem here, adding that C/O detectors were installed in the department’s vehicles as a precautionary measure to keep our officers safe.


The Chief reported that the Sig Sauer guns that every officer carries were discovered to have a design flaw.

According to a memo, if the gun was dropped on the ground in a specific way, it was in danger of going off.

The gun manufacturer found that the trigger was too heavy and could fire if it fell on the ground.

Gagne said, “Of course we tell our officers not to drop their guns, and it has not been a problem in our department.” Still, all of the pistols will be replaced this fall with the same model gun that has been modified to take care of the issue.

Charcoal Uniforms

Gagne shared some good, money-saving news as well.

The Orange Police Department has a unique color choice for its uniforms and no other department uses charcoal colored uniform pants.

For many years, Orange purchased its uniforms from Horwitz Uniforms in West Haven.

Recently, the owner notified Gagne that he had many pairs of charcoal pants in stock that were not selling. He offered the Orange PD his remaining inventory of these pants free of charge, asking only that the officers come to him to have them striped.

Notes In A Nutshell: Orange Police Commission

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Oct 142014

Police Headquarters

Police Headquarters

The Orange Traffic/Police Commission met at Police Headquarters Tuesday, Oct. 14.

Following are notes from what they discussed at that meeting:

Traffic Commission

• Both the Derby and Orange Police departments sent letters to the state requesting a study be done on Derby-Milford Road to ban thru truck traffic.

The state responded with a letter stating that a number has been assigned to the case for review.

Orange Police Chief Robert Gagne said it could take some time before they receive a definitive answer.

• Old Grassy Hill Road will be closed for about 2 days when work is done to replace a culvert near Wright’s Pond. AT&T has to dig a trench 10 feet deep to complete necessary line work at the same time. (Watch for exact dates on Orange Live)

Police Commission

state stats for orange police• The 2013 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) has been released, and is posted on the state’s ct.gov website. Orange is on page 265.

Gagne said crime is down in the state and at 339, Orange had the lowest recorded UCR in its history. The previous low number was 350 since they’ve been recorded over the past 40 years or more.

The stats weren’t recorded when Orange’s population was less than 10,000.

Note: Former Orange Police Chief Joseph Dooley is President of the CT. Police Chiefs Association 


• Routine computer system integration 

• The department now has label printing for barcoding evidence, which makes record keeping better and it is easier on the utility clerk.

• Recruit physicals and new uniforms

• The Orange Police Department now has 4 officers on the regional Special Response Team (SRT) — SWAT

• Maintenance for the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, or IAFIS (a national fingerprint and criminal history system)

• New Dell computers for the department

• There were bees in SallyPort and in the building that had to be removed


Overtime will be tight for the remainder of the year. 

Nothing big planned until the Memorial Day Parade.

• HVAC project is progressing and a new unit is now on the roof

• The radio project is about to start soon. 

• The Annual Report to be sent to town is ready

• The Juniorettes planted around the flagpole and returned October 4 and added mums to the containers near entrance.

Orange Starbuck’s Fans May Soon Be Able To Drive Thru For Their Fancy Cup of Coffee

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Jun 142013

One Starbuck's drive thru configuration, not necessarily the same as the proposal for Orange.

One Starbuck’s drive thru configuration, not necessarily the same as the proposal for Orange.

At Monday’s Traffic Commission meeting at the Orange Police Department, a proposal for a drive thru window at Starbucks, 538 Boston Post Road, came before the commissioners for approval.

Representing the company, was Laura Betlow, who told the commission that she’d already gone to several towns to propose drive thrus.

Prior to going before the traffic commission, Betlow had sought and received all the town approvals necessary except theirs, and the Department of Transportation would not sign off on it until she had an answer from the Orange PD.

In Orange, safety, drainage and cueing at the window were concerns, so the company made changes to the plan and filed a revised application to Zoning Enforcement Officer Paul Dinice.

The traffic commissioners check out Starbuck's Drive Thru plans

The traffic commissioners check out Starbuck’s Drive Thru plans

For safety sake, the drive thru will have a “do not enter” sign so incoming traffic does not drive the wrong way into the window area, Pedestrian crosswalks with railings will be installed along the sidewalks so no one will walk, or run in front of drive up traffic (quite similar to the Duchess restaurant).

The parking lot will still be asphalt instead of replacing it with plantings, and an outdoor patio would include tables and chairs with barriers and heavy, evenly spaced bollards to keep cars from driving through the picnic area.

Signage, (stop, one way, slow) will be erected and crosswalks will be painted with diagonal lines to comply with safety regulations.

The dumpster was moved closer to the building to ensure sufficient parking.

Police Chief Robert Gagne told the commissioners he’d met with the company reps informally as they prepared and tweaked the proposal, calling it a “Work in progress.”

The commission unanimously approved the proposal and Chief Gagne signed the plans so Betlow could show the approval and obtain the final crucial approval before going to the Town Plan & Zoning Commission.

Police Commission Meeting: Monthly statistics

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Oct 112012

The Police Commission discusses an issue during the October meeting.

The Orange Police Commission met Wednesday at the Orange Police Department.

Chief Robert Gagne read the department’s statistics for the month of September.

There were 2,429 calls for service which included:

1 residential burglary
3 commercial burglaries
351 activated burglar alarms
28 criminal arrests
30 shoplifting/larceny cases
20 fights/disturbances
6 drunken driving arrests
84 traffic accidents
232 motor vehicle citations were issued
114 medical emergencies
Which generated 484 reports

The residential burglary occurred on Garden Road. Electronics and loose change reportedly were taken. Police had partial recovery of the stolen items and developed a suspect in the case.

Commercial Burglaries

On Sept. 17, there were two overnight burglaries. One at a Dunkin Donuts, where the drive-thru was used to gain entry and the second, at a Subway Restaurant, 292 Boston Post Road, where a front window was smashed.

Police said cash was taken in both incidents and there are no suspects in either case.

There is hope though, there have been several similar burglaries at Subway and Dunkin Donuts shops in three other surrounding towns.

The third burglary occurred on Sept. 18 at Orange Hills Country Club where the front door was forcibly opened.

A K-9 track led to the roadway then stopped, indicating that the suspect may have gotten into a car.

The Investigative Services Unit (ISU) is following up on this incident.

The ISU investigated the thefts of beer kegs from the Orange Ale House.

According to the report a suspect was found and allegedly admitted to six such incidents from this establishment.

Aug. 20 Police Commission Meeting — Asst Chief Koether’s Last Day

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Aug 202012

Asst Chief Ed Koether attempts to avoid a smooch from my dog MiSun before the Police Commissioner’s meeting on his last day with the department.

At the Aug. 20 Police Commission meeting, retiring Assistant Chief Edward Koether presented his final report to the commissioners.

Following are the statistics for July 2012:

Police made 29 criminal arrests; wrote 245 traffic tickets; responded to two residential burglaries and one commercial burglary.

Koether said there were no stolen cars reported, but one stolen car was recovered.

There were 30 larceny cases, 84 accidents, 2,658 calls for service, which generated 486 reports.


Attempted commercial burglary

On July 16, there was an attempted burglary reported at Knights.

Responding officers determined that someone used a vehicle in an attempt to force entry through the door.

Whomever it was failed to gain entry.

Residential incident

Police responded to a private residence at the trailer park at 235 Boston Post Rd. on July 2.

Officers found visible forced entry had been made through a kitchen window, and electronic items were reported missing.


Officers were dispatched to Fairway Road on a report of an attempted burglary, July 28.

According to the report, someone attempted to open doors at the house and upon seeing a resident inside, he fled the area. A vehicle was located a short distance away and the suspect, identified as Jason McCready, 28, of 690 Jones Hill Rd apt #9, West Haven, was arrested.

McCready was charged with second-degree attempted burglary. He was held for court on a $100,000 bond.

Koether’s Retirement Letter

During his regular reports, Chief Robert Gagne announced several letters sent from and received by the police department.

When he came to the personnel portion, that would not be discussed in executive session, he shared with the commissioners Koether’s letter of resignation stating that he had decided to retire.

The Commission accepted the letter, stating that he would be missed, each in their own way.

Gagne said, “Thank you for all your hard work over the past 30 years. You’ve been an important part of the department, not only as Assistant Chief. We will miss you very much. Thank you.”

A man of few words, Koether thanked Gagne for his guidance over the years, and addressed the commissioners who were seated six years ago when he was chosen, “Thank you for your confidence and selecting me,” he said. With that, a 30-year career was over. Koether handed in his gun and badge and hitched a ride home with one of the officers.

Chief Reveals How Orange Police Department Ended Fiscal Year In The Black

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Jul 252012

Orange Police Department

At the July Police Commission Meeting Chief Robert Gagne reported the following:

The Police Department Records Division took in the following revenue in June:
$115.60 for reports
$355 for permits
Fingerprints $35
Parking tags $350
For a total of $855.60


The end of the fiscal year brings certain spending practices, such as officers using the remainder of their uniform allowances, etc.

The Department purchased a couple of new headsets for the dispatchers, and computers for the communications room.

Gagne also expressed his desire to send a couple of officers to the University of New Haven in August for a special Command College course, which offers exemplary training.

The Department will have to pay for psychological and physical exams for new recruits.

Gagne said that because it was the end of the year there were no budget balances, and he joked that he was happy to announce that the budget was in very good shape and last (fiscal) year ended well too.

On July 16, Gagne received a request to meet with the town capital planning bond committee to discuss the department’s needs. He said the HVAC system is in dire need of repair, and repairs to the air conditioning system at police headquarters has an estimated cost of $4,410.


The Chief received thank you notes from the following:

• Rape Crisis Center hosted a fundraising motorcycle ride and thanked the chief for the officers who assisted with traffic.

• This year’s Amity Intern Jacqui Farriolo thanked the department, particularly Lt. Tony Cuozzo under whose wing she performed her work duties.
In the note, she wrote that the Orange Police may have swayed her away from the Feds. (She aspired to become an FBI agent).

• Gloria Capecelatro thanked the department for its assistance with her husband’s funeral.
John Capecelatro, 89, was a past Fire Chief and a former supernumerary officer.

• The Regional Special Response Team (SRT) requested assistance in a major simultaneous drug bust in Ansonia and Bridgeport.

• Police Commissioner Roy Cuzzocreo also submitted a thank you note for the department’s assistance during his father’s funeral.
Joseph Cuzzocreo, 83, was a long time police commissioner.
“He loved the department,” Roy said.