Jan 022014

File photo from 2012 Emergency Drill with CERT leader Al Mushin, Orange EMD Fred Palmer, Asst. Director Tino Russo and Asst. Police Chief Tony Cuozzo.

File photo from 2012 Emergency Drill with CERT leader Al Mushin, Orange EMD Fred Palmer, Asst. Director Tino Russo and Asst. Police Chief Tony Cuozzo.

The town of Orange is monitoring this Winter Storm and will provide updates if any conditions require opening the shelter or any other circumstances.


For preparation information go to official sites such as:

www.Getreadycapitolregion.org     www.redcross.org      www.Ready.gov

Severe cold weather is the major concern for this storm.

Try to keep water pipes and heating pipes from freezing, exterior wall exposure.

Businesses: Fire Sprinkler System water pipes.

During an emergency such as winter storms, hurricanes, power outages, etc, If you are able, please go to the following sites for immediate up to date information on the status of the conditions in town and available services.

We will keep this website up to date on our status.

Twitter: @orangectemd

www.orangectlive.com  or https://www.facebook.com/Orangectlive

OGAT  – instant access button is available on the Orange Live website

Bookmark all of these addresses on your computer and/or smart phone.

Fred Palmer
Director of Emergency Management Town of Orange

Nov 242013

Dogburn tree downIf you live in the Dogburn Road area and don’t have any power, you are not alone.

The reason for the interruption is this large tree that came down with the strong winds today, taking electrical lines with it.

Some residents say their water pressure is low too. (Do they have well water?)

No information on the condition of the two cars parked at the side of the road.

Jan 312013

11 busses will be 20 minutes late today

From Amity Principal Charles Britton:


We received an update from Woodbridge. It now appears that the busses will be up to an hour late. We will continue to update the community as things change. The following busses are the impacted bus runs:












We just learned that Beecher Road Elementary School in Woodbridge is without power, and will be dismissing at 1:30 pm. Amity Regional High School shares bussing with the Woodbridge School District. The Beecher Road Elementary School dismissal means that 11 busses will be 20-minutes late for the high school bus runs. The impacted bus runs are as following:













Parents are advised that their students will be 20-30 minutes late returning home if they are on the impacted bus runs. Students impacted by the late bus arrival will be held in the cafeteria at the end of the day until their busses arrive.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s flexibility.


Charles Britton

Nov 042012

This is what our readers on Facebook who were still without power had to say about the restoration situation on Saturday.

• Half of Currier — and can’t get a straight story on restoration.

• Lincoln rd. still out and no trucks in sight. We still have wires hanging in the road and worst of all they said we are not even on the list for today because everyone around us has power. At our wits end….

• Grassy Hill close to Treat is still out. Getting a little chilly

• Sportsman Rd near Grassy Hill. No one on site to repair the three telephone poles that were snapped in half by a big tree on Grassy Hill Rd

• North Greenbrier still out

• Currier Drive—half (closest to Peck Place School) got their power on last night….the other half is still out:((

•  Portion of Ohman Ave and College are out.

• Grassy Hill Road near the American Legion, but we see trucks working on it :))

• Meetinghouse circle and lane

• West River Road still out.

• Derby-Milford , Burning Tree, North and South Greenbrier, Brentwood.

• Anyone know if Mapledale has power??

•  My parents live on Maple Dale, no power, Dad tracked the crew down in the Orange Congregational parking lot and they told him Sunday or Monday.

• Mapledale definitely out. UI said that their records showed it as on.

• Currier drive

• I saw crews working on Orange Center Road tonight!!!!

• Praying you are soon with power and most important heat. Blessings

Oct 252012

With Sandy threatening to hit the East Coast on Monday, you may be one of the thousands rushing to the grocery store to stock up on milk, eggs, yogurt and other foods, but, if the storm is strong enough to wipe out electricity for a long time, how will you keep those items fresh in your refrigerator?

One Orange Live reader offered this timely advice:

Two things I did to prepare for Hurricane Irene that I recommend to everyone preparing for Sandy. Two days prior to the storm turn the temperature on your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest settings. I also froze five one gallon bottles of water. Left two in the freezer and put three in the refrigerator. Three days after losing power my freezer was still below 32 degrees and my refrigerator below 40 degrees.

You’ve got plenty of time to prepare for this storm. IF Sandy hits, don’t shy away, be prepared to fight, make sure you can provide for yourself and your family for at least ONE week. Don’t take anything for granted.

Better to be prepared and have nothing happen than to think nothing will happen and be at your wits end when the power goes out for a week.

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