Letter From Amity Principal: Officials Addressing Anti-Semitic Issues

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Nov 302018

Message from Amity Principal Anna Mahon to Amity High School Community –

Over the past few weeks, we have worked with students, faculty, members of the community, the ADL and district administrators to formulate a comprehensive plan to address the concerns regarding intolerant and anti-Semitic behaviors at the high school that were raised at the November 12th Board of Education meeting.

We will continue to work closely with students, faculty, community groups and parents as we move forward and work to make ARHS a safe, supportive and inclusive school community for all students.

Anna Mahon

Letter: Amity Principal Tells Students to Make It Happen

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Aug 202016

The halls of Amity High School.

The halls of Amity High School.

Welcome back to school! This is the year at Amity Regional High School we plan to “Make It Happen!” We are very excited for the 2016-2017 school year to begin.

This is the weekly newsletter which is distributed to help keep parents, students and community members informed about what is happening at the high school. This first newsletter is being distributed through the Amity Regional High School portal, Bethany Middle School portal, and Orange Middle School portal.

If you are the parent of an incoming freshman, please make sure you enroll in the Amity High School newsletter. Future ARHS Happenings email will only be distributed through the ARHS newsletter portal. Directions for enrolling on the Amity High School newsletter can be found HERE All newsletters are also archived on the main page of the District no 5 WEBSITE.

As mentioned in the mailing you received last week, we will be changing our opening day of school slightly this year so as to highlight the importance of our core values of fairness, respect and passion. We will also be focusing on the concept of building a strong school community and celebrating the start of the school year together.

The Link Crew Freshmen Orientation Day will take place throughout the morning on Monday, August 29. As in year’s past, freshmen will gather in the middle gymnasium with the assistance of Link Crew Leaders at 7:34. From there, they will participate in team-building activities, will become familiar with their schedules and the school building, and get to know their Link Crew Leaders. After having lunch in the cafeteria with their Link Crew Leaders, the freshmen will join the rest of the school community in a brief run through of all 8-classes. The schedule for the first day of school for freshmen can be found HERE.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors will also follow a special schedule on Monday, August 29. After a brief homeroom for attendance and a welcome-back presentation at 7:34, students will attend a speaker series and then watch a documentary film all focused around the Core Values. The speakers are ARHS graduates who have demonstrated fairness, respect, and passion to make their dreams come true. These graduates have overcome obstacles, believed in themselves and relied on their communities for support in achieving their goals.

After the speaker-series, documentary and lunch, students will visit all 8 of their classes briefly to meet their teachers and become oriented to their schedules. The schedule for 10th-12th graders can be found HERE.

This week’s newsletter contains a plethora of back-to-school information. If you have any questions about any of the information below, please do not hesitate to contact the main office where someone will be happy to assist you. Enjoy the rest of the summer and we look forward to welcoming the entire ARHS student body on August 29th at 7:34am!


Anna N. Mahon