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What’s Going On With the Roads In Orange?

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Jun 252015

20150624_142016The Orange Police Department has been keeping residents abreast of roadwork locations on its Facebook Page.

So far, the work that has been completed, Old Tavern Road, for example, is receiving high praise around town and on social media.

The roads were “pretty bad” this year after such a harsh winter because the roads were in rough shape to begin with, according to Highway Foreman Don Foyer.

On Thursday, June 25 and Friday, June 26, Mapledale Road — which was one of the most talked about streets in town for its curb to curb pot holes — will finally be paved.

Orange Live met with Foyer on Ferry Road for a look at the work being done on the one mile stretch of road that is New Haven Avenue.

First, and foremost, Foyer pointed out the words “Road Closed” that graced one of the wooden horses on Ferry Road, the same message that clearly marks New Haven Ave. from Racebrook Road to Spring Street.

He said, “What people need to understand when they see these is — This Means You. There’s a reason we put them up. Everyone complains that the roads are a mess, then they complain when we’re working on them and they’re closed for a few days.”

Moments later, a car that went around the barriers on Racebrook at New Haven Ave. passed by on the graded surface. “See,” he said. “People just have to be patient.”

Each road in the 7 mile area earmarked for repaving this year undergoes the same process.

The Garrity Company brings in a vehicle that works like a giant tiller that “reclaims” the streets grinding them down to the dirt base and with the Orange Highway Department crew’s help, grades the surface.

When the surface is flat and stable the Tilcon company paves the roads and the town guys work as flagmen, keeping unauthorized vehicles out.

New Haven Avenue will be prepped and paved early next week.

Once that stretch of road is completed, work on Dogwood Road will begin.

Foyer said Dogwood is the longest road on the repair list and it will be a challenge for drivers.

“We’ll close it in sections and have the announcements out there so people will know that they’ll have to find alternate routes when we’re working on it,” he said. “Dogwood should be done by mid July.”

Completing the  7 miles that were on this year’s “fix list” will exhaust the 2014-15 bond, then the town will have to get another $5 million bond to address other roads that are in need of repair.

In the meantime, Orange Live will repost the roadwork schedules and remember, Road Closed means, “the road is closed.”