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Opinion: Tick, Tick, Tick, It’s Just A Matter Of Time Before You Have To Deal With One

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May 082018

I have always been grossed out by ticks, the thought of ticks and, finding and having to remove a tick from myself of one of my pets.

My medical alert service dog, Mi Sun, has long shaggy hair and it’s a chore to search her entire body for these disgusting bloodsuckers.

Occasionally, I will find one completely by accident while petting her. This happened today. I just noticed a tiny little bump on her skin and for the first time ever she didn’t take off when I started to part her hair to get a look. There it was, a little brown spot that didn’t look like anything really. If it was a tick, it hadn’t attached yet, and I knew I had to remove it before it did.

Mi Sun is not very patient when it comes to anyone holding up her busy day to examine her body, and tick removal has always been a long ordeal.

But, on the advice of a professional dog groomer, I found a little device that is easier to use than tweezers, and it’s so well designed that even my pup didn’t seem to mind the removal process.

This year is supposed to be an especially bad year for ticks, so I want to share information about this item with everyone so you, too, can easily remove ticks from your pet before they can bite and pass on any kind of virus or disease. (It’s designed to remove engorged ticks, too.)

I highly recommend the “Pro-Tick Remedy” tick remover kit to anyone who has a cat, dog, (child or gardener) at their home that spends time outside.

I found mine on Amazon, for less than $7, but you may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere. The kit includes a keychain, tick ID booklet and a 5X magnifying glass so you can easily examine what you’re looking at.

Note: An hour later, I found a second tick on her, and with the magnifying glass and booklet, I was able to ID both as “DOG Ticks.”

If you choose to buy and have an occasion to try the Pro-Tick Remedy, send me an e-mail at orangectlive01@gmail.com to share your experience.

Have a great summer, and be safe out there.