Lebanon Towne Militia In Orange Today

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Jul 142018

Members of the Lebanon Towne Militia, a Revolutionary War Reenactment Group, has set up camp at the Orange Historical Society’s Bryan-Andrew House, 131 Old Tavern Road today, Saturday, July 14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Today, the Militia embraces 18th-century military camp life, crafts and occupations of the period, and recreates the life of the colonial militiaman and his family.

The encampment will feature spinning, cooking, and other colonial crafts.

“We’re excited about this event,” said Ginny Reinhard, president of the Orange Historical Society. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the earliest days of our country in a fun and entertaining way.”

Originally formed in the 18th century to defend the town of Lebanon, Connecticut, in 1775 at the beginning of the American Revolution, the Lebanon Militia Company saw service at Breed’s Hill and the Battle of Boston.

A colonial militia operated like an army but its members were not professional soldiers and did not wear uniforms. Colonial militia laws required every able-bodied male citizen to participate and to provide his own arms. These men composed the bulk of the
armies that eventually won independence.

The Lebanon Towne Militia was disbanded in 1776, with some members becoming part of the 6th Company of the Continental Line, and others supporting the war from their farms.

Parking for this event, which is free, is available at the High Plains Community Center on the grassy field to the right of building with a free shuttle bus running to and from the Bryan-Andrew House.