Happy Vernal Equinox Day

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Mar 202013

Robins, a sure sign of spring.

Robins, a sure sign of spring.

Finally, the first day of spring!

The ground hog said we’d see it this year, but after so many freak snowstorms, it’s hard to believe that it’s actually here.

The Robins have been around for a few weeks, teasing us about the arrival of warmer weather, but even they couldn’t escape Mother Nature’s cruel last minute practical jokes.

Space.com has an interesting article about the vernal equinox in which you and your children can learn about this first day of the astronomical year.

For most of us, it’s not about birds or stars and planets, it’s about getting out of the house and enjoying the warmer weather, longer days in the sun and Yes, baseball season.

It may only get into the mid-40s this week, but that feels like a heatwave after the below freezing temperatures we struggled through just weeks ago.