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Opinion: How Much Do The Members of The Board Of Selectmen Get Paid?

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Feb 222014

First Selectman Jim Zeoli

First Selectman Jim Zeoli

How much do the members of the Orange Board of Selectmen get paid? Believe it or not, that actually was a search term on the Orange Live site.

If you are a native Orange resident or reporter covering the town for the past two decades, the answer is at the tip of your tongue. — “Nothing.”

Although all 5 selectmen, [currently, Mitch Goldblatt, Judy Williams, Ralph Okenquist, John Carangelo and Ken Lenz] and First Selectman Jim Zeoli, make up the board, they are all elected officials but the only one who draws a salary is the First Selectman.

Many residents will remember the rather contentious meeting last August during which the salary increases for the Town Clerk, Tax Collector and First Selectman were discussed, and ultimately approved.

At the time, a breakdown of the hours and salaries reflected the approximate following hourly pay: The Building inspector averaged $29.93 per hour; the first selectman averaged about $31 per hour; Park & Rec Director averaged $36.60; and the Orange School Business Administrator averaged $46 per hour.

After the vote, the First Selectman’s salary was increased by about 4%, which comes to a little more than $5,000 over 2 years. Whomever holds that position makes $88,000 per year.

Members of Boards and Commissions in Orange are either elected or appointed. They are not paid positions.

I’m not sure who searched for the information on this site, but I hope this answers your question.