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Orange Salt Supply Will Last Another Couple Of Storms

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Feb 142014

Snow-PlowAfter a marathon 17.5 hour shift on Thursday, Orange Highway Foreman Donny Foyer and his men were settling in for some shut-eye at the Town Garage before venturing out for round two.

Foyer said his crews came in at 2 a.m., just as the storm began and worked on the roads all day long until 7:30 p.m., at which time, he said, “Orange roads are pretty safe. The guys are going to find a place to sleep here for a little while, and  I’ll be watching the weather. We may go out at 3 a.m. to hit the roads again.”

There may be a few more mailbox casualties around town after this storm.

“The snow is so heavy and it’s piled up just about as high as the mailboxes in so many places, there’s really no place for it to go,” he said.

As far as the town’s salt supply, Foyer said, “We do have enough salt. Orange is in good shape. We’ll be all right for this one and a couple more.”

The strategy to conserve the salt supply is cutting down the usage on side roads and making sure all of the main thoroughfares are salted more heavily.

Foyer said his men will get some badly needed rest today and prepare for the two systems that may hit on Saturday and Tuesday.

Highway/Public Works Department Readies for Snow Storm

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Feb 072013

Town Trucks are Ready

The town Highway/Public Works Department is ready to take on Nemo this weekend.

Foreman Don Foyer said the plows are ready to go and the crews will deal with the storm as it comes.

Orange has enough salt/sand to handle the predicted situation and according to Foyer, they won’t use as much of that material since, for the most part there is more plowing than anything else with this type of storm.

Many homeowners already have placed plywood shields around thier mailboxes to protect them from damage from the pressure of the snow pushed over by the snow plows. If you haven’t it’s a good idea to do so as soon as possible.

Residents are reminded not to park on the road during the storm because cars will be tagged and towed at the owners expense.

If you are an Orange resident in need of sand to deal with icy driveways or walkways at your home, sand is available in the town Highway Department salt/sand shed behind Fire Station #2 off of Lambert and the Boston Post Road.