SCAM ALERT Watch Out For These Calls

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Sep 112019

This week, scammers have attempted to victimize Orange residents with a school-related subject.

One mom in town said her call went like thia:

A nice woman called, she sounded older with a southern accent, says she is from SAT/ACT and that she has my daughter’s practive tests and CDs that she requested from May.

I wondered, was she on a waiting list?

She had all of my daughter’s information, making the call very convincing. My daughter denied ordering anything, but you know how that goes with teenagers.

The woman asked for a credit card to secure the CDs until I returned them. (That’s when I became suspicious).

I asked what school district? She said “Orange.”

Wrong Answer! It would be Amity or St. Joe’s.

That’s when she hung up on me.

Beware of any unsolicited phone calls, especially if the caller asks you for your credit card or bank information.

Orange Health Dept. Warns Businesses Of Potential Scam

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Feb 022017

The Orange Health Department asked the Orange Police to help spread the word to the business community regarding a potential scam.

From the OPD Facebook Page.

At this time, the Orange Police does not have any active complaints, however, we feel getting this information out is critical to our crime prevention mission.

Callers claim to be the Health Inspector asking for free food or payment for a permit, Others claim to be a utility provider (UI, Regional Water Authority) stating their bill was not paid and that if they do not pay by credit card over the phone immediately the services will be shut off and they will have to close the restaurant.

Utility companies will not call and demand payment over the phone.
Hang up immediately and look up the direct number of your utility provider from your bill to confirm any questionable contact.
Do not talk to them as they may try to record your voice.

The Health Department will never call you asking for payment over the phone or at your place of business.

If you need to make a payment to the Orange Health Department it must be in person, by mail to the Town Hall, or using our online permitting system.
Please call our office at 203-891-4733 to verify any request.

Orange Health Inspectors will not ask, nor would accept free food, drinks or services at any time.

The Orange Police will work closely with the Health Department should future calls be received.

Ø Do not give ANY information over the phone.
Ø Do not pay anyone unless you are at our office at the Town Hall.
Ø Write down any phone numbers, date and time that you are solicited and report them directly to the Orange Police Department at the non-emergency number at 203-891-2130.