NO School – Tuesday, February 12

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Feb 112019

Due to the impending snow and Ice storm forecasted for Tuesday (Feb. 12) Orange School will be closed for the safety of our students.

Everyone take it easy on the roads and be safe.

Winter Weather Advisory In Effect Through Tomorrow Morning

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Jan 192019

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for our area now through 6 a.m. on Sunday.

Mixed precipitation is expected with total snow accumulations of 1 to 3 inches and ice accumulations of around one-tenth of an inch expected.

Plan on slippery road conditions.

An advisory is issued when a hazardous weather event is occurring, imminent or likely.

Opinion: Dangerous Conditions, Yet The Roads Are Still Open

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Feb 022015

Punxsutawney-Phil-by-alemaxaleThis was a Groundhog Day to remember, not because Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow – 6 More Weeks Of Winter – but because the weather was forecasted to be snow and ice all day with dangerous travel conditions and … well, all we’ve seen is snow and freezing rain All Day Long.

The Governor, who closed the roads during a lesser storm last week but didn’t do anything today to keep everyone safe. A travel ban would make sense and would have given the plow drivers a clear path on which to clean the roads.

There have been plenty of accidents across Connecticut today: on state highways (the tractor trailer that was hanging off the side of a bridge in West Haven) and local roads (the car that slid on ice into an embankment in Woodbridge trapping its – uninjured – driver inside) and still people are driving out there.

The Boston Post Road is like a ghost town with nearly every business closed for the day since late this afternoon.

It is dangerous for our police, fire and EMS personnel when they have to drive in this mess when they respond to an emergency to help others.

So, Phil, I don’t think anyone, except for skiers and snowboarders really want to see winter last through the middle of March. And Gov. Malloy, well, today your judgement is in question.

RJ Kaoud sent us the photos below:


Feb 022015

snow-groundhog-thumb-400x240At 5:45 am. still a steady snowfall, everything is masked in white, the streets, walkways, trees bushes.

No ice yet, but also no cars out on the roads yet either.

Another important thing is that the UI is reporting NO power outages.

Kids, enjoy your day off from school and catch up on your homework.

I hope everyone was prepared for this one … you had plenty of forewarning.

Stay safe everyone.

Happy Groundhog Day!

At 7 p.m. No Snow Yet, but School’s Canceled!

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Feb 012015

Snow-Day(1)The Amity Region 5 and Orange elementary schools are CLOSED Monday, Feb. 2 (Groundhog Day) due to the impending snow/ice storm. 

If You CAN stay home tonight, please do. The beer will taste just as good at home and you won’t have to drive.

Everyone stay safe and warm during this next blast of winter.

Get Ready For Round Two: Snow, Ice, “No School???”

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Feb 042014

Round 2

Round 2

From Meteorologist Kevin Arnone:

Precipitation will begin by 12-2 a.m. late Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning as all snow for the entire state of Connecticut.  Beginning at the shore and quickly moving inland.

Snow will accumulate quickly during the overnight hours and into the early morning.  By the time most of us wake up 7-9 a.m.expect 2-4 inches statewide.

Around “noonish” warmer air is forecasted to move in and a changeover from snow to ice will occur for the shore.  This will cause the snow totals to be much lower for the shore.  This is why 3-6 is what I am forecasting for the coast.

I don’t believe the warmer air will impact the inland towns as much and I am going with 6-10 inches.

NW hills will be the jackpot area in which they could receive 10+ inches of snow.

As far as schools are concerned I don’t believe there is any chance for any school districts to have school Wednesday!

Snow will end soon after midnight Wednesday night/Thursday Morning.

Prepare For Two Weather Events This Week

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Feb 022014

Keep Your Ice Scrapers Handy

Keep Your Ice Scrapers Handy

Our meteorologist Kevin Arnone says we can be expecting some bad weather this week.

In his latest update he says:

Event 1 – Monday

I have been watching two separate storm systems.  One of which will occur on Monday and a bigger more intense one for Wednesday. 

As far as the Monday system is concerned.  This will be a lighter even focusing mostly on the shore.  Not a big storm by any means but due to the timing it will cause many head aches. 

Flurries may begin as early as 10 am but the steadier snow will not fall until 12-2 PM.  However it will be a very quick storm as it is all out of here by 5-7 PM. 

Mostly a coastal event, 1-3 inches at the most will be my first call for towns south of I-84. 

Anything north of that line, coating to an inch. 

Event 2 – Wednesday

As far as Wednesday is concerned, still have a few model runs to see before I can confidently tell you how much snow we will receive.  We will receive something, but the issue with this system is which track it will take, (or which model it agrees with).

This system will have a great deal of ice involved, which will lower snow totals.  Determining when the switch over to snow to ice occurs is key in making an accurate forecast.

As far as timing is concerned with the precipitation, start time Late Tuesday Night, heaviest during Wednesday afternoon and ending late Wednesday night.