Opinion: Snow In The Forecast — The Highway Department Is Ready!

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Feb 052015

Snow-PlowAfter last weekend’s marathon snowfall, it’s amazing that the town highway guys didn’t pack their bags and move down south.

It wasn’t just the men who were exhausted by the endless work, but also their families who were waiting for them to return home.

It looks like they will have a repeat this weekend, which no one (except skiers, maybe) are looking forward to.

Still, exhausting or not, the Orange Highway Department is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

Readers have asked Orange Live why the town isn’t treating the roads during these storms, so we went to the authority on snow clean-up for an answer.

Crew Chief Donny Foyer said they will be out there when the first flakes fall and begin salting the roads. They will plow every road in town and then throw some more salt down when they’re done.

Orange, and many other surrounding communities aren’t using sand this year, so you won’t see the “obvious” brown layer on the roads.

If you follow our Facebook page, you will see comments about how much better Orange roads are than those in Milford or West Haven, so it’s clear that the salt works.

Foyer said people don’t notice the road treatment for this reason: Salt is white, snow is white and the salt residue can’t be seen until the roads are dry.

First Look: Highway Department Receives New Dump Truck

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Apr 212014

The Orange Highway Department's new truck.

The Orange Highway Department’s new truck.

Today the Orange Highway Department welcomed a new dump truck to its fleet.

The $175,000 vehicle replaces a 17-year-old truck that no longer served its purpose and was sold at the town auction last fall.

Highway Department Crew Chief Don Foyer said the old truck had to go for a few reasons, one being that it had some difficulty moving large amounts of snow when we experienced a storm that dumped about 3-feet across the region, “It just wasn’t powerful enough,” he said.

The new truck is custom built for the town of Orange, according to Foyer. “You can’t just go to a showroom and pick one up. You give them the specifications of what you need it for and they build it for you.”

The department has been waiting on the truck for about 6 months. (Generally, they take 6-8 months from the order date to build).

Foyer said the truck has a more powerful 350 HP engine and a big plow. It will be used for snow removal, hauling sand, gravel and fill and the department’s other everyday activities.

Now that it’s been delivered, the truck needs to be detailed (Pinpoint Promotions of Milford won the bid for that job) and the two-way radio must be installed.

This highway department requested this vehicle during the budget process. It was approved and is paid for by the town.


Snow Removal Businesses Pay Attention!

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Feb 082013


Orange Residents are looking for people to take care of their snow removal tomorrow.

Please post your business and phone number on our notice on the Orange Live Facebook page so they can call YOU.

SNOWPLOWING call Orange landscaping 203-376-8564
If snow plowing is needed, parking lot or driveway feel free to call or message me on facebook. Will have 3 trucks out during this weekends storm. 203 627 0584 Civale and Son Home Improvements