Where Are The Snow Plows? Emergency Management Director Speaks …

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Feb 102013

Orange CERT member clears the fire hydrant near her home.

Sunday morning February 10

There are still Town Roads which have not been plowed.  Please stay off the roads as much as possible.  Many roads are one lane and difficult for vehicles to pass in opposite directions.  Please be patient as the amount of snow is very difficult to move.

We are fortunate that Orange has no electric power outages at this time and only a couple over the past two days.

When clearing driveways, DO NOT leave snow piles in the roadway, this can limit access for emergency vehicles.

Please clear hydrants in your neighborhood, if possible.

Check on your elderly neighbors.

The shelter remains closed at this time.

To report power outages, call UI at 800-722-5584

Call 911 for emergencies only.

Tune to local news outlets for weather updates, we will send further notifications as conditions improve.

Thank You,

Fred Palmer

Emergency Managment Director

Highway/Public Works Department Readies for Snow Storm

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Feb 072013

Town Trucks are Ready

The town Highway/Public Works Department is ready to take on Nemo this weekend.

Foreman Don Foyer said the plows are ready to go and the crews will deal with the storm as it comes.

Orange has enough salt/sand to handle the predicted situation and according to Foyer, they won’t use as much of that material since, for the most part there is more plowing than anything else with this type of storm.

Many homeowners already have placed plywood shields around thier mailboxes to protect them from damage from the pressure of the snow pushed over by the snow plows. If you haven’t it’s a good idea to do so as soon as possible.

Residents are reminded not to park on the road during the storm because cars will be tagged and towed at the owners expense.

If you are an Orange resident in need of sand to deal with icy driveways or walkways at your home, sand is available in the town Highway Department salt/sand shed behind Fire Station #2 off of Lambert and the Boston Post Road.