Feb 262013

Meteorologist Kevin Arnone was watching this upcoming system closely last night. Here’s his forecast.

Lastest model data suggesting a Low to impact CT Tuesday Night into Wednesday starting after 9 PM Tuesday Night.  

Starts as mostly snow for the State other then I believe the shore will start as Wintry Mix but quickly changes over to rain on the shore and Wintry Mix inland.

Dividing the state into three sections.  

Will be looking into more data and details before giving any snow totals!

Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 1.59.39 AM

Jan 152013

be prepared — school delays possible

Snow will begin roughly around 1-3 AM Tuesday Night and continue throughout the morning.

Around 6-9 AM beginning at the Coast, the Snow will gradually change over to a mix and then to rain showers.

The “Rain/Snow Line” (changeover) will move North and eventually the entire state will be a mix/rain by the afternoon.

I expect a few lingering showers into the evening but the heavy stuff is out of here a little after 12 PM on Wednesday.

The morning commute will be a bad one, give yourself extra time in for your drive.