Feb 022015

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.22.28 PMThe Amity Region 5 and Orange Elementary Schools are on a 2 Hour Delay schedule on Tuesday, Feb. 3.

It will be bitterly cold out there, so make sure the kids bundle up (Gloves and Hats Please!)

Bus stop areas may be slippery with a layer of ice underneath the snow, so step carefully.

Mar 022014

PFFFT, no worries.

PFFFT, no worries.

I will have one more update after the 00Z models come out, but the only change to the forecast I see happening is this system completely missing us to the south.

Blame the “polar vortex” for pushing it south, and yes that means it will be very cold the beginning of the work week.

The National weather service still has 4-6 inches of snow for CT coastline, don’t ask me why!

Meteorologist Kevin Arnone


Feb 082013

I hit the road around 1:30 and came back home around 3:30 p.m.

At sundown RJ Kaoud sent a few photos he took from inside the cab of a snowplow truck.

Here’s hoping that you are home, safe, sound and warm.

Feb 062013

It’s been 35 years since the storm of ’78, remember that one? Well, Connecticut is under a storm watch through Saturday. (My friend said the name of this storm is Nemo) and we can expect up to 2 feet of snow and ice starting on Friday.

Dangerous travel conditions and If it’s anything like the recent storms we’ve experienced, we should be prepared for falling tree limbs, (and trees) the loss of electricity, school closings and event cancellations.

Earlier tonight I was in the store and watched five customers walk out the door with generators. Snow blowers are going as fast as roof rakes did 2 years ago.

Be prepared for this one, make sure you have everything you need to shelter in place.

The fire department is sure to be extra busy during the storm and you can do your part by shoveling out the fire hydrant in front of your home.

Be careful, stay safe, and stay tuned to Orangectlive.com and Orange Live on Facebook