Starbucks Will Get Its Drive Thru

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Aug 062013

Chairman Beau Clark

Chairman Beau Clark

At the Plan & Zoning Commission Meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 6, the commission unanimously approved a lighting plan for the driveway into the Aurora Products building at 205 Edison Road.

The plan includes LED lights that are of the right height and meet all the zoning regulations.

Aurora, as you may recall, purchased the former Finlay Jewelry Factory in September 2011. It is in the process of moving its entire operation from Stratford to Orange.


The Rogers Saga continues

Rogers’ property /shopping center area on Orange Center Road has $150 per day fine active plus $100 per day will be added for anti-blight ordinance violations.

The 158 Ohman Avenue property is being fined $150 per day for zoning violation and then, after 10 days he will be fined $100 per day for the blight.

There reportedly is a problem with a tenant in the house.


The Preserve

Residents on Derby Avenue have concerns about the Preserve, but Beau Clark said there has not been any application filed there yet.

If an application comes forward the commission will do what is best for the town.


Zoning Enforcement Officer Paul Dinice’s report:

• Trying to address blighted homes, in many cases they are homes that have been foreclosed on. There are 7 chronic homes and in 4 cases the grass has now been cut. The other 3 properties are still in the works.

• St. Barbara’s Greek Orthodox Church put in its annual event for its’ Labor Day Odyssey Festival. There are never any problems. They need to have insurance, approval by the police and fire departments and the town sanitarian and the Festival will go on as usual.

• The town map was in the process of being completed and re-adopted a hearing will be held in September, and then it will be posted on the town web site.


Public Hearing – Starbuck’s Drive Thru

Laura   representing Starbucks came well prepared

Laura Betlow representing Starbucks came well prepared

A revised plan was submitted for a drive thru and outside eating area to the existing Starbuck’s Coffee building at 538 Boston Post Road.

Laura Betlow, the Attorney for Starbucks read a letter from the landlord, who at the last meeting publicly objected to Starbuck’s plan. The letter stated that the landlord now approved of the drive thru, plantings and outdoor café.

Betlow suggested putting a “SLOW” sign instead of a speed bump in the drive thru lane.

The commissioners said they did not think that would be enough and pedestrian safety is still a concern.

Clark said, “Pedestrian safety is our main priority.”

The commissioners discuss their concerns about pedestrian safety at the Starbucks

The commissioners discuss their concerns about pedestrian safety at the Starbucks

Betlow was well prepared with drawings for the required railings. She visited several drive thru windows in town and was able to answer all of the commissioners’ questions regarding what other restaurant configurations are like.

After 30 minutes of discussion Clark said the applicant had addressed all the issues.

Although Commissioner Paul Kaplan seemed to be a little apprehensive, and Ozzie Parente expressed concerns about traffic coming into the parking lot from Peck Lane directly in front of the drive thru exit.

The Commissioners’ final action before voting on the plans was to have 4 pedestrian crossing signs along the drive thru and a stop sign at the exit/thoroughfare added to the plans.

20 minutes later Kaplan made a motion to approve on condition that the signage and railings are all put in place, and hard copies of the plan with all the revisions are submitted.

The plan passed unanimously. The Starbucks Drive Thru is coming to Orange.




Plan & Zoning: Starbucks Submits Special Exception Application

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Aug 052013

File photo from zoning meeting

File photo from zoning meeting

The Town Plan & Zoning Commission will discuss a special exception application from Starbuck’s Coffee at its regular meeting at Town Hall, 617 Orange Center Road on Tuesday, Aug. 6 which begins at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting agenda is as follows:

1.  Review of the Minutes from the July 2, 2013 meeting.

2.   Old Business.

3.   New Business.

  1. Report of the Zoning Enforcement Officer.

-Review of Zoning Activities Log.

-Update on Denny Tree Farm on Dogwood Road.



Submitted by Starbucks Coffee for property known as 538 Boston Post Road (Raymour & Flanigan Shopping Center).  The proposal is to add a Drive Through Service Window and an Outdoor Dining Area to an existing Starbucks Restaurant.

A SITE PLAN APPLICATION also has been submitted.  (Continued from the  June 18, 2013 meeting.)


Zoning Commission Pushes Starbuck’s Drive Thru Plans Back A Month

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Jun 182013

starbucksHandicapped parking issues may thwart Starbuck’s plans to put a drive thru window in at its Boston Post Road location — for now.

The Town Plan & Zoning Commission had a long discussion regarding the safety and proximity of the proposed handicapped spaces with the building, as well as code issues.

Commissioner Ralph Aschettino said the building owner and tenant should have been in agreement with the submitted plans and had those plans signed off by all the necessary departments before coming to the commission.

The hearing was continued until the next TP&Z meeting on July 2, at which time new plans with approved railings, plantings, parking spaces, speed bumps and signs are shown and approved by all the proper departments.

Orange Starbuck’s Fans May Soon Be Able To Drive Thru For Their Fancy Cup of Coffee

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Jun 142013

One Starbuck's drive thru configuration, not necessarily the same as the proposal for Orange.

One Starbuck’s drive thru configuration, not necessarily the same as the proposal for Orange.

At Monday’s Traffic Commission meeting at the Orange Police Department, a proposal for a drive thru window at Starbucks, 538 Boston Post Road, came before the commissioners for approval.

Representing the company, was Laura Betlow, who told the commission that she’d already gone to several towns to propose drive thrus.

Prior to going before the traffic commission, Betlow had sought and received all the town approvals necessary except theirs, and the Department of Transportation would not sign off on it until she had an answer from the Orange PD.

In Orange, safety, drainage and cueing at the window were concerns, so the company made changes to the plan and filed a revised application to Zoning Enforcement Officer Paul Dinice.

The traffic commissioners check out Starbuck's Drive Thru plans

The traffic commissioners check out Starbuck’s Drive Thru plans

For safety sake, the drive thru will have a “do not enter” sign so incoming traffic does not drive the wrong way into the window area, Pedestrian crosswalks with railings will be installed along the sidewalks so no one will walk, or run in front of drive up traffic (quite similar to the Duchess restaurant).

The parking lot will still be asphalt instead of replacing it with plantings, and an outdoor patio would include tables and chairs with barriers and heavy, evenly spaced bollards to keep cars from driving through the picnic area.

Signage, (stop, one way, slow) will be erected and crosswalks will be painted with diagonal lines to comply with safety regulations.

The dumpster was moved closer to the building to ensure sufficient parking.

Police Chief Robert Gagne told the commissioners he’d met with the company reps informally as they prepared and tweaked the proposal, calling it a “Work in progress.”

The commission unanimously approved the proposal and Chief Gagne signed the plans so Betlow could show the approval and obtain the final crucial approval before going to the Town Plan & Zoning Commission.