Amity Education Award of Distinction – Rosie Du

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Jun 202019

The wind really picked up and nearly carried my camera away as Jill LaPlante, Director of Counseling Services presented Harvard bound senior Rosie Du with the Amity Education Award of Distinction during the June 14, 2019 Commencement Ceremony in Woodbridge.

Rosie represented Amity High School with distinction indeed. She played Tennis, and an instrument, was a Link Crew leader, Editor In Chief of the school newspaper, and treasurer of the Student Government.

She worked very hard on her studies and will attend an Ivy League College in the Fall.

Rosie is an amazing young lady and will accomplish great things in the future.

Congratulations on earning this prestigious honor.

Here is a LINK to the video with a very windy background.


Class Speaker: Academic Excellence – Jacob Feuerstein

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Jun 182019

Academic Class speaker Jacob Feuerstein may “really, really like the weather,” but, as you will hear, the weather wanted nothing more than take center stage and be heard over his extremely humorous monologue. — I’m sorry, but I don’t have the technology to fix it.

The wind gusts picked up beachballs, pulled caps from heads, tried to steal my camera, and Jacob’s papers.

We wish this future Kevin Arnone all the best in the future and many more opportunities to let his voice be heard.

Here is a LINK to the windy video of Jacob’s speech.

Fantastic! — Amur Leopard Cubs Now On Display At the Beardsley Zoo

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Jun 182019

The Beardsley Zoo welcomed two rare Amur Leopard cubs in January. The male looks like his parents (brown with spots) But his sister looks more like a panther. she also doesn’t have that magnificent tail — it had to be amputated after her mom cleaned her soon after birth.
As far as her coloring, well, here’s a press release from the zoo that thoroughly explains that:
One of the two Amur leopard cubs  (Panthera pardus orientalis) at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo has a condition known as melanism. The male cub has the usual spotted coat, while the female cub is melanistic, a condition where the body produces an excess of black pigment, the opposite of albinism.
At first, a melanistic cat might look solid black, but even melanistic leopards are spotted. If you get a close look, you may be able to discern a pattern of black rosettes on a black background. Researchers have found that frequencies of melanism in leopards vary significantly across habitat types—highest in tropical moist forests and near zero in open habitats.
A melanistic cat living in deep jungle amid thick vegetation—where there are significant areas of dark shade—can blend into the background. But in the Amur leopard’s open-forest habitat, areas of dark shade are harder to come by, making a melanistic leopard much easier to spot.

For a leopard, survival depends on spotting prey before being spotted, so blending into the background is important. For that reason, while the Zoo’s female cub may one day be recommended for breeding, any of her descendants would not be included in reintroduction plans. For reintroduction, the intent is to produce genetic lines that will maximize survival in the wild. A melanistic cat, while normal in all other aspects, is at a disadvantage in the wild, because they would be more noticeable than typically spotted leopards.

While 11 percent of leopards alive today are thought to be melanistic, most are found in Southeast Asia, where tropical forests offer an abundance of shade. Melanism provides additional camouflage in those habitats, giving the predators an advantage when hunting. An extremely rare melanistic leopard was recently sighted in Africa for the first time in a century. There is currently one other melanistic Amur leopard in this country at the San Diego Zoo.

NOTE: The babies are now on display in their mother’s usual habitat with a viewing window. On Monday they didn’t come out until around 1 p.m. but that could change.
Before your children go off to summer camp, make sure you bring them to the zoo to see these magnificent cats.

Orange Recycling Committee Meeting Agenda

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Jun 172019

The Orange Recycling Committee will meet at the High Plains Community Center on Wednesday, June 19 at 7 p.m.

Following is the meeting agenda:

Call to Order

Public Input

Thank you to Mary-Jo Sierakowski

Review and approve Minutes of May 9, 2019 Meeting

Treasurer’s Report-Mark Moyher

Update on Residential Recycling Participation Rates

Old Business

Simple Recycling/Waste Zero Textile Curbside Recycling

Plantings for Transfer Station Signs-Garden Club

Orange Business and Community Expo-Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Recycling Forum-What’s In, What’s Out, June 10, 2019

Other Old Business

New Business

Haz Waste Days at Regional Water Authority on Saturday, June 29, 2019 and Saturday, October 5, 2019

Shredding Day – Saturday, October 19, 2019

Orange Recycling Committee Responsibilities Draft

Other New Business

Next Meeting-Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Orange Residents: Important Information About Your Tax Bills

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Jun 172019

Tax bills are scheduled to be mailed the last week of June, the first installment due July 1, 2019.

The final day to pay without interest or penalty will be August 1,  2019.

Payments will not be accepted or processed until July 1, 2019.  Ct. State Statute 12‐163 If you want a  receipt, bring the entire three-part tax bill. Payments by mail require a self-addressed stamped envelope along with the entire three-part bill.

Tax bills may be paid online, on the Town of Orange website; there is a fee associated.

Motor vehicle clearance will take 11 days.  For 24 hr. clearance delinquent tax bill must be paid in cash in the office between 8:30  a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

The 2018 Grand List information will not be available for viewing until July 1.

Photos: A Windy Graduation Day At Amity

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Jun 162019

The 2019 Commencement Ceremony at Amity High School on Friday had Mother Nature on Its side as far as temperature goes, but the wind was brutal on the Grads as caps went flying during the procession and once launched, beach balls simply disappeared down the running track instead of sticking around the students’ seats.

The wind also messed with the sound on our videos of the class speakers, which I will post on Sunday.

Once again, since there were hundreds of photos, I’ll post them in increments for easier viewing.

Here are the procession photos as the dignitaries and students entered the stadium.

Amity Middle School – Orange A Top Performer In New England Math Contest

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Jun 152019

Middle School Math Masters

Students from Amity Middle School in Orange participated in the New England Math League Contest earlier in the school year. 

Edward Han, a seventh-grader on Team X, received a high score of 33 out of 35 questions.  He and his teammates received a total score of 141 points. 

Amity Middle School in Orange was designated as the highest scoring school in the region.  Edward Han was identified as the highest scorer in the region and was invited to the 8th Annual Math International Summer Tournament at the College of New Jersey.  

Amity Middle School received a plaque to acknowledge the fine work of the students.

Pictured are the five students who contributed to this excellent high score for the school: Edward Han, Aarav Patel, Ellen Ko, Haseeb Chaudry, and Annika Yun.

Final Installment of Block A Dinner Award Recipients

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Jun 132019

So many awards were presented at the Block A Athletic awards dinner on Sunday, that we had to post them in increments.

Here is the final installment of this award series.

Each year, the versatility award is presented to one male and one female student athlete who plays in multiple sports at Amity.

Michael Young played admirably on the Varsity Basketball team and the Football team in 2018-19.

His Football Coach Craig Bruno said Michael could play any position on the team and played masterfully wherever he was on the field. When you attended games at Amity, announcer Rob Kennedy could be heard saying Young’s name after many of the plays.

He truly is an exceptional athlete and it was a thrill watching him on the field and on the court.



Madeline “Maddie” Adzigian was #16 on the Volleyball court and she ran track.

Volleyball Coach Seth Davis presented the Versatility Award and praised her for her awesome ability.

Skilled athletes like Maddie don’t come along every day.



The 2018-19 Booster Club Scholar-Athletes are two students who work as hard at their sport as they do in the classroom.



Thomas Livesay plays Tennis for Amity and excels in his studies. He will be headed to Duke University after graduation.






Kate Yuan is a runner on the Amity Track team. One thing she doesn’t run from is hard work.

Kate has a 4.078 GPA and will be attending Dartmouth.



The Albert J. Seymour Memorial Award is presented to one male and one female athlete who is unselfish and unassuming.



The winners are Baseball player #8 Cole Kucharchik and Golfer Hannah Sosensky, who was overwhelmed and tearfully accepted her trophy.



The Thomas G Laugeni Memorial Award is presented each year to one male and one female who display an exceptional character on and off the field, track, court, or course.




This year’s male recipient is Lacrosse player #7 Jacob Lettick, a fine young man that everyone can depend on.







The  =[ the female winner said she had to fight to get her player the award, since some may think of it as nepotism.

Basketball coach Michelle Shoop said that #34 Tara Laugeni fits the criteria for the honor and that she’s a talented young lady who made her 1,000th point this season.

Tara’s parents presented her with the trophy, accompanied by Coach Shoop and Athletic Director Ernie Goodwin.






There was one unscheduled presentation that night. Amity Principal Anna Mahon announced that Girls Tennis Coach Hal Friedman was named into the Coaching Hall of Fame.

He missed the award ceremony, so she made sure he received his MVP/Hall of Fame ring before a large audience.

Congratulations Coach!



Congratulations to all of the fine award winners at this year’s Block A dinner.









This Month at the Case Memorial Library

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Jun 132019

Case Memorial Library

The Case Memorial Library offers events and programs for all ages. Following is a list of this months’ schedule.



Make sure you pre-register where required.


Oscar Film: The Wife
Monday, June 17, 7 p.m.
Wednesday, June 19, 1 p.m.

A wife questions her life choices as she travels to Stockholm with her husband, where he is slated to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.1 hr. 39 min. R.

Tuesday, June 18, 3:45 p.m.
Tell us what to do! Join our tween advisory group (TWAG) and help us make the library a better place for our tweens! As a member of TWAG, tweens will be able to brainstorm and help plan programs that they want to see at the library, as well as recommend books for our collection. This is a great opportunity for tweens to make their voices heard at the library! Our TWAG meetings will run once a month for tweens in grades 4-6.  Registration is required. Click below, stop by the Children’s Room or call the Library to sign up!

Chess Club
Wednesday, June 19, 3:45 p.m.
Come join our chess club! This club is open to beginners and experienced players. During our meetings, children and tweens will be able to learn about this strategic board game and play against other club members. Feel free to bring your own chess board as the library has a small supply. For children and tweens in grades 1-6. Registration is required. Click below, stop by the Children’s Room or call the Library to sign up!

The Bookcase Evening Book Discussion Group
Thursday, June 20, 7 p.m.
Join Bookcase leader Toby Zabinski for a discussion of A Land More Kind Than Home by Wiley Cash.

The Yo-Yo Guy (Summer Reading Kick-Off)
Saturday, June 22, 1 p.m.
For children of all ages.  We’re kicking off summer reading with world yo-yo champion John Higby and his high-energy comedy yo-yo show!  This interactive performance will include amazing feats with giant yo-yos, unicycling, and of course, big laughs.  Don’t miss out on a chance to see a 4-time Guinness World Record holder!  Registration is required.  Sponsored by the Friends of the Library

Teen Summer Reading Kickoff: Pizza Taste Test and Cornhole Tournament
Saturday, June 29, 1 p.m.
For students entering grades 7-12. Who makes the best pizza in town? You decide at our first pizza taste test! Enjoy hot, tasty pizza and vote for your favorite. After we choose a winner we’ll play a cornhole elimination tournament.

Events are free and open to the public, except as noted. Please pre-register.

Phone: 203-891-2170


More Awards from the Block A Dinner

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Jun 132019

The Annual Block A Awards Dinner took place at Racebrook Country Club on Sunday, June 9.

Orange Live already published all of the male and female MVPs, the male and female Athlete of the Year recipients, and the three Coaches Association Award winners.

Here are some of the special award honorees:

Athletic Director, Ernie Goodwin, Olivia Greco, Sharon Greco, Ryan Miller, and Hockey Coach Michael “Scooter” Richetelli.

As a teenager, Mark Greco was a Spartans Ice Hockey Goalie. He went on to college, joined the Orange Police Department and worked his way up the ladder to become the Assistant Chief.

The community was shocked and saddened by his death during routine hernia surgery. His wife, Sharon was in the very early stages of pregnancy at the time, and gave birth to their daughter, Olivia, several months after losing her husband.

A year or two later, Sharon established the Mark E. Greco Memorial Hockey Award which she has presented each year to an Amity Hockey player who shares Mark’s character, values and passions.

This year’s winner was #7 senior Ryan Miller, a very talented hockey player, and nice person off the ice.


The Jeremy Saxe Memorial Award as presented to Senior Soccer defenseman #16 Sam Koorejian

Jeremy Saxe was one of Amity’s memorable multi-sport athletes. He was known for his talent in every sport he played, positive attitude, and his upbeat spirit. He died from an undiagnosed heart condition while in college.

It is an honor for any athlete to take this prize home.




The James Dunleavy Memorial Hockey Award named for a former hockey coach was presented to Senior Captain #20 Kenny Page.

Page had a phenomenal year on the ice and proved his leadership skills and athletic talent.

He and his fellow senior teammates will be sorely missed next season. It was a pleasure watching them play in 2018-19.



There are many more awards that were presented on Sunday, so, in order to get all of them in by Graduation Day, I have to rush a few of them by giving a little less detail.



The Thomas J Ross Memorial Manager Award was given to Jake Bronson, whose commitment to the Boys Varsity Basketball team was greatly appreciated by Coach Jeff Neilsen and the entire team.

Bronson will be hard to replace.






Jared Sullivan won the Steven J. Zeider Memorial Swimming Award.






The Paul D. Mengold Award was presented to Track Runner Madelyn “Maddie” Ciskowski.

Recognizing her leadership skills and integrity.






The male athlete honored with the Sportsmanship Award was Hockey Captain Kenny Page.





The female athlete to earn the Sportsmanship Award was Senior Soccer player #12 Madelyn “Maddie” Pickett.




The Unified Sportsmanship Award went to Joey Wasikowski who was unable to attend the award dinner.


We will publish the final installment of the award announcements prior to Graduation.