Notes In A Nutshell: Town Plan & Zoning Nov. 17 Meeting Notes

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Nov 172015

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.01.28 PMThe Town Plan & Zoning Commission met tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 17 at the Town Hall  at 7:30 p.m.

The proposal for a Tractor Supply company at 253 Indian River Road was unanimously approved by the Orange Police Traffic Commission.

A “Do Not Block Driveway” sign has been added to the plans.

There was quite a bit of discussion regarding the company signage, specifically the size.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.12.02 PMFirst Selectman Jim Zeoli said the store is a good fit for the area and the “new bricks and mortar” will be beneficial to the grand list.

Commission Chairman Walter Clark said he had been in Guilford and checked out the Tractor Supply Store there.

He made a motion to approve the waiver for the amount of parking spaces the business would need — the other commissioners agreed.


*5. APPLICATION FOR SPECIAL EXCEPTION, PERMIT OR USE. Submitted by Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.06.35 PMJohn L. & Gloria Capecelatro/Mark Capecelatro, Trustee. For property known as 253 Indian River Road. This application is submitted as per Sections 383-90 A (2)(a) & E(2); 383-121, & 383-178 of the Orange Zoning Regulations. For a proposed Tractor Supply Company retail store and related outdoor display areas. A request has been made for a modification to the parking standards. A SITE PLAN APPLICATION; SITE PLAN APPLICATION – ARCHITECTURAL STANDARDS SUPPLEMENT; AND SITE PLAN APPLICATION – LIGHTING SUPPLEMENT have also been submitted. (Continued from the October 20 & November 4, 2015 meetings).

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.08.55 PM*6. APPLICATION FOR TEMPORARY SPECIAL USE EARTH MATERIALS REMOVAL & FILLING. Submitted by John L. & Gloria Capecelatro/Mark Capecelatro, Trustee. For property known as 253 Indian River Road. Work is for required cut, fill & grading of earth materials in conjunction with the construction of a proposed 19,097 sq. ft. Tractor Supply Company retail store with associated parking. An APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATION OF SOIL EROSION AND SEDIMENT CONTROL MEASURES has also been submitted. (Continued from the October 20 & November 4, 2015 meetings).

9. SITE PLAN APPLICATION; SITE PLAN APPLICATION – ARCHITECTURAL STANDARDS SUPPLEMENT; AND SITE PLAN APPLICATION – LIGHTING SUPPLEMENT Submitted by John L. & Gloria Capecelatro/Mark Capecelatro, Trustee. For property known as 253 Indian River Road. For the construction of a 19,097 sq. ft. Tractor Supply Company Retail Store with associated parking.

10. APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATION OF SOIL EROSION AND SEDIMENT CONTROL MEASURES. Submitted by John L. & Gloria Capecelatro/Mark Capecelatro, Trustee. For property known as 253 Indian River Road. For the construction of a 19,097 sq. ft. Tractor Supply Company Retail Store with associated parking.

The plans passed unanimously.  Welcome to Orange, Tractor Supply Company. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.24.21 PM*7. PETITION TO AMEND THE ORANGE ZONING REGULATIONS. Submitted by Orange Land Development LLC. To amend Article XXIV Transit Oriented Development District Regulations. (Continued from the October 20, 2015

*8. PETITION TO AMEND THE ORANGE ZONING MAP. Submitted by Orange Land Development LLC. To change the zoning designation of the subject property from LI-2/TODD Overlay to TODD. The submission includes a “concept plan” as required by the Orange Zoning Regulations. The Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.42.11 PMsubject property is an 8.091-acre site located beyond the eastern end of Salemme Lane. It is bordered by Dichello Distributors to the south; CTDOT Railroad right-of-way to the east; Yale University West Campus to the north; and Salemme Lane/Town of Orange, N/F Salemme-Riccio, and N/F Sixty Five Marsh Hill Road, LLC to the west. The parcel is currently undeveloped. The subject property is shown as “0 Marsh Hill Road,” containing 8.091 acres, on Map #2369 on file at the Orange Town Clerk’s office, and is designated by the Orange Assessor as Map/Block/Lot 3-1-1. (Continued from the October 20, 2015 Meeting).

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.46.33 PMA spokesman for the applicant went over several aspects of the proposal including the living spaces, loading area and sewer connections.

In addition the traffic cue on Salemme Lane and how they planned to improve that.

Halfway through their presentation, the applicants experienced some technical Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.58.50 PMdifficulties for nearly 5 minutes and lost some momentum.

Resident Carol Martin submitted a letter for the record.

She said the need for affordable housing is great in Orange and this location is a good place for it.

The Attorney for an adjoining property owner stressed that her client should have the same opportunities as any

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.03.31 PMJeffrey Gordon said the mixed use concept, such as this proposal are more acceptable today.

He asked that the commission consider the traffic related to the proposal and how it would impact nearby businesses.

Attorney Steven Studer, representing Dichello requested that his client have an opportunity to connect to Salemme Lane and the Train Station. In doing so it would benefit the employees and the town.

After hearing from three attorneys and other opinions, the Commission voted to continue this matter at its December meeting.



Special Meeting: Town Plan of Conservation and Development

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Nov 182014

zoningThe Town Plan and Zoning Commission has been working on updating the Town Plan for the past year or so and has prepared a draft Plan for review and comment.

A special meeting will take place at the High Plains Community Center Gymnasium, 525 Orange Center Road, on Tuesday, Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. The meeting will provide an opportunity for Orange residents to listen to a short presentation about the Plan and then provide comments and feedback to the Commission. 

Following the meeting, the Commission will be looking at further refining the strategies in the draft Plan.  

Why Is It Important?

A Plan of Conservation and Development is an advisory document used by the Town Plan and Zoning Commission and other Town agencies to:

Protect the resources important to residents

Guide growth and change in Orange

Identify facilities and services needed to support the community we want to be

Orange residents are encouraged to come to the meeting to help ensure that the Plan of Conservation and Development reflects community goals.

“Welcome To Orange” UNH

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May 072013

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 9.07.13 PM 1When the University of New Haven returned to the Town Plan & Zoning Commission with revisions to their site plan application, they came just as well prepared as in prior appearances.

Atty. Joe Williams explained modifications, and stated that the Inlands Wetlands Commission approved their plans. He said parking lots D, A, and E would accommodate the students and staff  (410 students 41 staff )

Raymond Paier presented the new revised plans for the parking areas.

Parking lot D is the primary parking lot and it has been moved over 50-foot from the setback reducing it 24 parking spaces. It will still be attractively landscaped; and the drainage system is designed to retain 100% of the water; the lighting has been revised.

Parking lot A to the right of the pond only lost 7 spaces to comply with the zoning requirements for interior planted islands.

Parking lot E,  a kidney shaped lot now has a 50-foot setback and the parking has been reduced from 88 to 56 spaces. (This was one of the variances that the Zoning Board of Appeals originally shot down.)

Traffic Study

The line of sight from the driveway on Derby-Milford Road had to be improved. Trees will be removed and the Orange Police Traffic Authority approved the proposal.

The applicant has proved that it can provide another parking area — Parking Lot G — if necessary in the future, which is required by zoning.

The campus will have sidewalks and lights from the parking areas for safety purposes. There also is parking under the building with an elevator.

All department heads have signed off on the plans.

Kaplan and Clark both said they liked the original plans better, but these revised plans comply with all zoning requirements.

All they have to do now is remove trees to improve sight line on Derby-Milford Road.

The plans were approved unanimously.

“Congratulations, and welcome to Orange,” Clark said.

Philippine Restaurant Receives Special Permit

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Feb 062013


Judy Smith-Morgan at the helm during Tuesday’s TP&Z meeting

Town Plan & Zoning Commission Meeting Tuesday Night Feb. 5. In Chairman Beau Clark’s absence, Judy Smith-Morgan presided over this meeting.

Commissioner Paul Kaplan asked for an update on the Vineyard on Route 34 where the seminary once stood.

Zoning Officer Paul Dinice reported that the land has been cleared and the new owners thus far have permission to plant grape vines. No further plans for the property have been revealed. But if it is to become a bed and breakfast place or wine tasting business the proposal must first come before the TP&Z for approval, yet that may take a few years until the plants are mature enough to produce usable fruit.

A proposal for a 1,190 sq ft Philippine restaurant in the former Tracy’s Tobacco Shop at 153 Boston Post Road was presented along with a special permit application for a waiver.

Even though the building once housed a cell phone store, then the Tobacco Shop and this application is for a restaurant it won’t require any physical changes to the building. A grease trap, which is necessary in any restaurant must be installed and the owner will do whatever the town requires.

The restaurant will be mostly take-out, but it will have two tables and four seats inside and no waitress service.

The presentation also showed very little change in parking and fire lane signs and stripes will be installed as required by the fire marshal.

The restaurant will be open 5 hours per day: for Lunch 11-1 and dinner 3-6.

The commission unanimously approved the waiver.


TP&Z Meeting: Papa John’s and Scinto’s Plans For Stew’s Property

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Aug 222012

File photo from the first August 2012 meeting of the town P&Z commission.

Orange Live was unable to attend Tuesday evening’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, but we did catch up with Town Zoning Officer Paul Denice this morning.

On the agenda were two interesting issues, one to approve a new Papa John’s Pizza Restaurant at 116 Boston Post Road and the other to change zoning regulations to approve the use of the former Stew Leonard’s property for a daycare center and a bank.

Denice said the commission approved regulations that would permit those uses if they are complimentary and accessory to a 175,000 square foot office facility.

This is a change to the town’s regulations regarding the light industrial district zoning for the former Stew Leonard’s property.

He stressed that the commission has not yet approved the use for a bank nor a daycare. Neither the bank nor daycare can be built there unless a 175,000 square foot office facility is first constructed on the land — and both additional businesses meet the requirements of the zone change.

Robert Scinto of Shelton owns the former Stew Leonard’s property.

116 Boston Post Road, where Papa John’s hopes to open a new restaurant. (Photo from loopnet.com)

The commission did not approve the plans for a new Papa John’s Pizza because the applicant was missing two required pieces of information and an approval from the Health Department.

Denice has received this missing paperwork and the commission will hold a special meeting during which it will vote on the restaurant plans.