Oct 152013

An aerial shot of the parking area of the Turkey Hill Preserve (prior to paving).

An aerial shot of the parking area of the Turkey Hill Preserve (prior to paving).

At the Oct. 9 Board of Selectmen’s meeting the subject of a proposed cell tower on the Turkey Hill Preserve was on the agenda.

Verizon Cellular submitted plans that took some of the selectmen by surprise.

Initially, the tower was proposed for a certain location, but the latest map showed it going through a wetland area.

The Conservation Commission is against it according to First Selectman Jim Zeoli. 

Selectman Mitch Goldblatt said, “We still need more information, the accessibility is unclear.”

The Board agreed that the item should be tabled until the next meeting and they should have more information by then.

Aug 152013

Case Memorial Library needs a new roof and paint job.

Case Memorial Library needs a new roof and paint job.

Under the New Business section of the Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Wednesday, the following issues were discussed and voted upon.

To consider and act on the bid recommendation for mill and pave of Lambert Road  – Stephen Savarese, Director of Public Works

Savarese requested that motorists please drive carefully on the milled surface after work begins next week.

Milling done by Garrity and paving by Tilcon.

Funding comes from the bond money.  Completely rebuild the road.

Board voted unanimously in favor.

To consider and act on the bid recommendation for the Case Memorial Library Roof Replacement/Painting  – Stephen Savarese, Director of Public Works

Recommended by the bond committee. Beginning in September, Roof will be replaced first, painting would be done at a later date.

Vogel Roofing was the low bidder.

To consider and act on the request from the American Cancer Society to use the fairgrounds May 31-June 1, 2014 for the Relay for Life event  and waive the room charges for organizer’s meetings prior to the event.

Unanimously approved

To consider and act on the approval of a sign for Ewen Farm Preserve – James Zeoli, First Selectman

Waiting for the two signs to come in. Funding will come from a contingency fund.

Unanimously approved.

To consider and act on the request to conduct the Platt Tech 5K Race and Fun Walk in Orange

Unanimously approved.

To consider and act on the request from Verizon Wireless to lease land for a cell tower at Turkey Hill Preserve  Selectman Zeoli

Verizon is looking for a 100′ X 100′ spot for a tower with revenue that would benefit the town.

The Conservation Commission said they did not recommend the tower.

Turkey Hill Preserve is 376 acres and it could be out of the public’s view.

Goldblatt said if it is not allowed on town property then the town would not have any control over it. but more information was needed. He suggested that they ask the Police Department if there is a communication problem in that area.

Zeoli has concerns because Verizon would have to get power to it, which would mean disturbing some land and possible blasting. He is not crazy about putting it on that site.

Joe Blake said the tower would “only be” 120′ tall, but more discussion has to be done before the board can make a decision.

Ralph Okenquist said Verizon should make a presentation and show the need for it.

Zeoli will call Verizon and tell them they need more information.

To consider and act on the approval of the Board of Selectmen Annual Town Report for FY 2012-2013

Unanimously approved

To consider and act on the request to approve the tax refunds for the month of August in the amount of $958.08

Unanimously approved

Jan 092013

Inside the Turkey Hill Preserve.

Wednesday night’s Board of Selectmen’s meeting was rather interesting.

Selectman John Carangelo took the First Selectman’s seat at the head of the table while Jim Zeoli attended two elementary school PTO meetings.

The one item that drew the most public interest was the discussion regarding a request from the New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA) to approve a plan to construct and maintain a shared use trail on the former Hubbell property, now known as the Turkey Hill Preserve.

The Conservation Commission asked that the decision be put of for one month so they could go over the plans and make suggestions before any work is done.

The board members discussed it, went back and forth over what a great plan it is and if there will be enough room on the trails for bikes and hikers or if it would be a hazard.

They heard from members of the NEMBA and the community, both hikers and bikers and everyone seemed to agree that the NEMBA proposal was a good fit for the town.

The Board voted to table the item until the February BOS meeting to give the Conservation Commission the month it requested to look things over.

When the discussion was over, the First Selectman arrived and took over the meeting.

• The Selectman approved the tax refunds totaling $8,523.

• Zeoli told the Board that the town had an opportunity to join in on a CCM Prescription Discount Card Program.

A free card would be available to everyone and would give all residents discounts on prescriptions at Costco, Sams, Walgreens and other places in town. It also covers Lasik and hearing aids.

A postcard, with information about the card will arrive in the mail with town of Orange information on it. It will look like junk mail — do not throw it out. Guilford, where Selectman Mitch Goldblatt works just signed on and he said it is a good plan.

• There is a Capital Planning meeting at High Plains Community Center on Thursday, Jan. 10 (no time given) The public is invited to attend.

Selectman Joe Blake said lunch at Community Services is only $2 and is very good.
Lunch is served Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri.— call 203-891-4765 one day in advance if you plan to attend.

At around 9:30 p.m. the board went into exec session to discuss teachers union contracts and a drainage issue on Wild Rose Drive.

The location of the entrance to the Turkey Hill Preserve.

Oct 102012

First Selectman Jim Zeoli

This is what happened at the Oct. 10 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting.

• Tonight is Mary Shaw’s first meeting as the board secretary

• Ron Davis of OGAT announced that OGAT On The Web is now LIVE.
The link is available on the Town of Orange website and, as you know the OGAT button on Orangectlive.com

• First Selectman Jim Zeoli announced recent deaths, including Joe Blake’s Mother-in-law, and Bob Crocco

• He also mentioned that Assistant Chief Tony Cuozzo was sworn in, after Ed Koether retired

• Oct 15  is the pregnancy and infant loss ceremony at the gazebo at 7 p.m.

• Public Hearing Racebrook Road Bridge on Oct. 17 (Bridge will be repaired in 2013).

• The annual town Breast Cancer Awareness Ceremony will take place at Town Hall on Oct 18 at 1 p.m

• On Election Day, Nov. 6, Town Offices will be open, transfer station will be open. Elementary schools will be closed, Amity schools are Open.

• Nov. 11 is Veteran’s Day. Plans for a Cereomony on Nov. 12 is in the works. Town Hall and schools will be open.

• Joe Vittorio of Pez Candy will receive the Good Scout Award at Amarantes on Oct. 31

• The town recognized the five Orange girls who went to the world series in Washington State.
Each girl received a town of Orange pin, appeared on OGAT
Jill DeMaio, shortstop; Katie Koshes, pitcher; Teresa Marchitto, outfield; Addison Robbins, first base; and Janaya Young.

• Brentwood Drive block party for this Saturday — unanimously approved

• Platt Tech’s request to conduct a Christmas tree recycling drive, to pick up Christmas trees and recycling them. Bringing the chips to a place in     Milford or Orange. It’s a fundraiser with a suggested donation of $20. Look for a letter from Platt Tech coming soon. — unanimously approved.

• Ryan Young’s Rec. Department Chess Program — unanimously approved

• To allow the Platt Tech Road Race and Walk in Orange — unanimously approved

• Lions Club to waive fee for annual Thanksgiving Dinner Sun. Nov. 25 at High Plains Community Centerarea seniors. — Unanimously approved

• Approve a bid for Rock Salt for the Roads — Unanimously Approved

• Just two Bids were received for new driveways at the Turkey Hill Preserve (base, stone, compaction) Derby-Milford Road
$13,800 from T M Wright  or  $9,200 from Advanced Paving
The Board voted and approved the Advanced Paving bid.

• The Conservation Commission Plans a walk through of this property in early November.

• Snow Plowing for the town of Orange, Steve Savarese says Highway Foreman Don Foyer negotiated and got a great price with outside contractors so, the town will have 7 trucks working the town during snow episodes.

• There is a plan to put four new circulating fans in the mezzanine area of the town pool (where it gets oppressively hot)

• A new Assistant Children’s Librarian has been hired at Case Memorial Library

At 8:32 the Board went into executive session to discuss a new Open Space parcel that is available. (No vote to be taken)