Baseball: Amity To Hand, “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over”

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Apr 182017

The Amity Spartans hosted the Daniel Hand Tigers in Woodbridge on Monday April 17.

The game got off to a slow start and was scoreless until the bottom of the fifth inning.

Colin Beaulieu (#11) scored the first run of the game on Teddy Hague’s single.

At the top of the sixth, Amity was on top 1-0 and it stayed that way until the last inning.

At the top of the seventh, Hand put on its game face and got a couple of good hits in, and after tying with Amity, they had one opportunity after another and twice loaded the bases and managed to get two more runs, leading Amity 3-1.

The Tigers immediately began celebrating, and rightly so, believing they had broken the Spartans five game winning streak.

But wait! As Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

With their opponents in the lead, the Spartans were feeling the pressure to excel. Andy Hague (#1) was first in the lineup. He hit a single and waited for Pat Winkel (#30) to move him forward. Winkel also hit a single and the game was on. Jack Nolan (#22) walked and with the bases loaded, every single action counted.

Max Scheps (#21) was next up, he smacked one out, but Hand caught it, and he was out, but not before Hague crossed home plate as Amity edged up on the Tigers 2-3.

At this point Hand changed pitchers from Michael Elias (#25) to #11 unidentified on their roster.

Rohan Patel (#18) was the first Spartan to face him, and after several fouls, Patel got a hit and brought in Winkel, Nolan followed and BAM, It WAS over. Spartans win 4-3.

Records: Amity 6-0, Hand 3-3