Orange CERT Hosts Important Safety Course for First Responders

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Mar 292015

Speaker Warren Rogers

Speaker Warren Rogers

The Orange Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) recently hosted a training session for fellow Orange, Bethany, New Haven, and Hamden CERT members at the High Plains Community Center.

More than 60 volunteers attended the session entitled “Electrical Hazard Safety for First Responders” presented by Warren Rogers, of Eversource (CL&P) from 6:30 to 9 p.m.

Rogers runs the class on his own time and expense for all first responders, including CERT members, Police, Fire, EMS. It’s also good for anyone in the household.

Orange CERT members Annie Davis and Jamie Buck attended a previous session and immediately decided they needed to have him come down to this area.

The session was very informative and well received.  It instructed everyone on how electricity is delivered from the very first source to where we flip a switch and our lights turn on, etc.

Most important instruction was how to be safe while on duty doing their jobs, etc. During storms, motor vehicle accidents, anywhere where the electrical wires etc. are compromised, how to deal with all of that safely.

What to do, and what NOT to do.

For example, did you know that if a wire is “hot” (charged) and falls on a guardrail the entire guardrail becomes electrified – even if it is 60 feet or more down the road from the source?

If you or someone else is in an accident and wires are lying on the car — everyone should stay inside the vehicle — and everyone outside the vehicle should stay away until the utility company turns the power off.

Before using a generator, make sure it is hooked up properly by someone who knows what they are doing. There are consequences to having an improperly installed generator.

Never walk near a downed wire — or in water that the wire is touching.

Rogers is a phenomenal, animated speaker and would be a great guest for police, fire, even senior groups.