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What Happened At Wright’s Pond On Sunday?

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Jan 282018

Some residents may have noticed the fire trucks and personnel at Wright’s Pond late this morning and early afternoon with people in the water and firefighters on the bank pulling tow ropes.

Well, rest assured, there was no emergency — it was just a drill.

When the conditions are right, the members of the Orange Volunteer Fire Department take the time to put into practice the skills they’ve learned about cold water rescue over the years. With so many kids playing hockey on Wright’s Pond, if anything ever happened, the OVFD would quickly be there and know exactly what to do.

The firefighters wore insulated waterproof suits and practiced a variety of cold water rescue techniques, but before they started the drills, they tested the ice around the pond and, even with the warmer weather, it was too thick to “accidentally” fall through.

Tethered to rescue ropes, two firefighters ventured out onto the ice with a chainsaw and cut a large rectangle in which to practice their rescue skills.

NOTE: If you are out on Wright’s Pond, be aware that the hole was cut in the ice closest to the waterfall and cornfield on Sunday, Jan. 28. It may not have time to adequately freeze over to be safe. 





Feb 282014

people-running-marathon-race-competing-fitness-healthy-active-lifestyle-feet-road-31057324The Feb. 26 Orange Park and Recreation Commission meeting moved along fairly fast with very few items on the agenda and the absence of Park and Rec Director Dan Lynch.
Two upcoming 5k road races will use the certified route used in the Chilly Chili Run.
On May 17, the annual Peck Place School race will begin at High Plains Community Center instead of the school (due to the renovation project).
PTO President Sabra Donovan spoke to the commission about the new venue, which was just a courtesy for the record, as Lynch already had approved it.
Commission chairman Joe Lembo introduced a letter from Jane Opper, regarding the second annual Doc’s Race —   named in honor of the late George “Doc” Whitney, a spirited gentleman who began running in his senior years, and inspired others to do the same. Doc passed away in February 2013, just 7 weeks after completing the New Year’s Day Chilly Chili Run at the age of 94.
Proceeds from Doc’s Race go to the Orange Country Fair, an event in which Doc was involved for many years. Last year it raised $2,500, and this year organizers hope to bring in even more.
A Request From The Commissioners
The warmer temperatures that we experienced recently may have thinned the ice at Wright’s Pond, which has been used on and off this winter, depending on the weather.
Residents and visitors are asked to heed the warning signs and use caution if they are unsure of the thickness of the ice.
If you’ve passed by this week you may have noticed a chair and/or shovel abandoned on the ice. Eventually, the ice will melt and anything left out there will sink.
So, please, take whatever you bring onto the ice with you when you leave.

Penny Has Been Found! Safe and Sound

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Sep 012013

Penny has been missing since Saturday morning.

Penny has been missing since Saturday morning.

Quite the little traveler. Amazing how far these little legs could carry Penny from her home.

She lives within a block of Wright’s Pond,  yet she was found near Racebrook Road.

Was she headed to the Greek Festival?

She’s not talking so we’ll never know for sure, the important thing is… 
Penny is HOME.

Original Post:

Penny has been missing since around 8 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 31.

Her home is one block away from Wright’s Pond.

She has no collar or tags on.

Her human companion has posted fliers on utility poles around the area.

Anyone with information about Penny please call Anthony at 203-314-3389.

If you are out and about tomorrow for the Labor Day holiday, please keep your eyes open for this little girl.

A missing poster for Penny the dog.

A missing poster for Penny the dog.

Wright’s Pond Still Providing Families A Place To Ice Skate

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Jan 282013

Sunday at the Pond

First Selectman Jim Zeoli did it, so did Selectman Judy Williams, and countless residents over the past century.

Wright’s Pond has been a favorite ice skating spot for Orange children and adults for decades.

Every winter signs are posted stating that the “ice is not safe” and you will “skate at your own risk.” But when the Park and Rec. Department measures the ice and it is thick enough, the rescue rope goes out and the larger sign still states “skate at your own risk” but the accompanying sign has the welcoming message that everyone waits for — “Ice Safe.”

On Sunday, hockey playing skaters respectfully keep a safe distance from wobbly legged novice skaters who venture out on the ice with their siblings and /or parents and everyone has a good time until the sun goes down.

As the weather changes and the ice thins with warmer temperatures be sure to heed the message on the sign. If it says “Not Safe” then a large crowd of energetic skaters will not provide the safest conditions on Wright’s Pond.

Have fun, but be safe.