Jun 142012

Ryan Shea and Sophia Gall

It’s no secret that Supt. John J. Brady is a great supporter of the performing arts. When he first came to Amity it was the one thing on which he most wanted to dedicate his attention.

He hired Robert Kennedy and his wife Andrea to run the theater department at Amity and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Kennedys have put the Amity Performing Arts on the map. Early on, their productions were popular, but as word spread about how wonderful the shows were, more and more people regretted missing them and vowed to purchase tickets early the following year.

Chicago in 2011 was sold out by the time the first show debuted. This year’s Legally Blonde sold out almost a month before the first curtain went up and procrastinators were placed on a waiting list.

Since they began working at Amity, the Kennedy’s productions and all the talent behind them, brought the school to the CT High School Musical Theater Awards (CTHSMTA) three times.

Legally Blonde won the top award at the CTHSMTA, as BEST in the STATE.

Each year, the Amity Performing Arts has an awards banquet for its members (and parents). Four years ago it took place in the Amity Cafeteria with about 30 guests, this year it was held at Racebrook Country Club with 150 guests.

Among the award recipients were two seniors that everyone believed should have won at the States — Sophia Gall – “Paulette” the hairdresser with a heart of gold, and Ryan “I’ve got a package” Shea – “Kyle” the UPS delivery guy.

Every year the question is, “With all these amazing seniors leaving — Alli Kramer, Carson Adair, Marques Christopher Iwanicki, Sophia and Ryan, Kusal Yapa, Rachel Skalka, Miles Radin and so many others — Who will star in next year’s show?

Fear not, Amity, we’ve seen them on stage in past productions — Peter Charney, Nicole “I was in the shower” Simon, Allida “OMG” Ballou, Maya Rose, David Linet and Maddy Eldridge to name a few — who will still be around next year. and with the Kennedys at the helm, everything will be fine!


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  6 Responses to “Kennedys Put Amity Performing Arts On The Map”

  1. Phew, good thing Amity’s still “got talent.”

    Those names in the last paragraph will definitely be in the next show, right? You’re saying the Kennedys pre-cast? I hope so, it makes sense if they want to have a good show!

    • They all will still be at Amity next year, but in all fairness everyone has to audition for the character roles. But, with their talent I’d say YES we’re looking at a few potential leads for next year’s production whatever it may be.

      • Seriously, the Kennedys pre-cast? That’s a TERRIBLE method to be used in high school theater!

        • That is NOT what I said. Everyone auditions for roles each year. there is no pre-cast every. they have a panel that chooses the cast throughout the audition process in the fall/winter.
          What I AM saying is that there are MANY talented kids who are NOT graduating this year who will be around next year to carry on where this year’s grads left off.
          “YES we’re looking at a few potential leads for next year’s production whatever it may be.” because there are dozens of talented kids at Amity.
          CLEAR NOW?

  2. @jennifer46 that does not, quote on quote, “make sense”….

    • I agree, you can NEVER pre-cast a show and the Kennedys are professional enough not to do that. It would be unfair to all the talented Freshmen who are coming in to Amity as well. Freshmen have graced the stage and knocked the audience’s socks off in past shows — example: Peter Charney.
      Alli Kramer was a sophomore when she played Eponine in Les Miserables and she went on to compete in the CTHSMA (Junior Kim Simon won that year as Mdm. Thenardier).

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