Jun 172012

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Amity Principal Charles Britton provided the following information regarding the 2012 Amity High School Graduation.

The graduation ceremony for the Class of 2012 at Amity High School will take place, Friday, June 22 at 4 p.m.

Weather permitting, the ceremony will be held at the William E. Sim Athletic complex (Football field in back)

If it rains, the ceremony will take place in the gymnasium and be simulcast throughout the building.

The Superintendent will make the indoor/outdoor decision on graduation day.

Each senior will receive the following allotment of tickets:

• Two tickets accepted for the outdoor ceremony and the gym in case of rain.

• Four tickets accepted for the outdoor ceremony and designated indoor areas (lecture hall, cafeteria and auditorium) in case of rain.

On-campus parking will be limited to the graduates, (who must arrive by 2:30 p.m.) staff, and cars with an official state handicapped tag.

Everyone else (including reporters — sigh) must park off-campus and come to the field by shuttle bus.

The Church of the Assumption on Center Road is allowing the school to use its parking for the shuttle bus system. Arrive early to the shuttle sites.

Also, come prepared with sun block, water and sunglasses.

NOTE: Weather forecasters are predicting partly cloudy skies and high temp of 85 degrees. From past experience, my advice is to arrive early, find a shady (enough) spot and as Dr. Britton said, bring water – if not to drink then to pour over your head. You’ll need it.

If you forget your water bottle, don’t worry, the juniors will be selling water at graduation as a fund-raiser for their class.

  4 Responses to “Going To Graduation? What You Should Know”

  1. What reporters (other than you of course) come to graduation? I’m just wondering. Is it like, for example, someone from Orange Life or the Register might come just to put in a feature article or spotlight a graduate if they, say are a successful athlete. Despite this, will you have some photos and coverage on the day?

    • The Observer. Bettina and/or a photographer from the Amity Observer, which is exclusively online, will most likely be there in person.
      Others may pick up the speeches in advance and run a couple of photos. But the Observer I’m sure will be there sweating it out in the 85-degree humidity with me.

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