Jun 262012

Our front page has some positive changes.

Since launching the Orange Live site a month ago I have seen a tremendous outpouring of support from the community and quite a following on Facebook and Orange Live.

As they say in the industry, my “numbers are impressive,” so much so that a group of website think tank folks were floored by my two-week statistics — which I happily shared with everyone at the Orange Business Expo.

Since, they’ve only gone up, and the popularity of this 24/7 Orange Exclusive website has continued to grow.

Thanks to the hard work and patience of my friend Jon, the site is just a tweak or two away from where my brother/partner Ron and I want it to be.

We bought into an analytics calculator that shows me what you are looking at and how long you are staying online when you visit.

For example I know for a fact that 88% of today’s visitors appreciate the subject tabs at the top of the page as much as I do. Those were put into place last night and folks who are logging in today, are checking them out to see where each tab will bring them.

Orange Live isn’t about me or Ron, after all —  it’s about the town of Orange, the residents, businesses, schools and activities that touch your lives every day. I will keep it that way, That’s my promise to you.

The one tab we have to add is the “Contact” one where we will offer this information:

Pick up a business card at the library, town hall, high plains, Orange ale House, Chips or Mr. Kold Kuts.

To advertise, call Ron at 203-446-6948

Some people like to post their events on the Facebook page, others e-mail me at Orangectlive01@gmail.com and I put it on Orange Live for you.

What can YOU do to help?

• “Like” the Orange Live Facebook Page

• follow Live on Twitter at orangectlive01

• Comment on the stories Here on Orange Live

• Tell your neighbors, friends, family, classmates and teammates that Orange Live is here.

YES, we will soon have a daily newsletter that you can count on.

Call Terri at 203-506-1747 or e-mail orangectlive01@gmail.com.

Have a great day! and thank you all for your support!







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