Jun 282012

Mi Sun, a Korean Sapsaree, gives Christa Parady, owner of Zoey Girl Pet Services, a kiss.

Christa Parady opened Zoey Girl Pet Services at 185 Boston Post Road, Orange [in the former Baskin Robbins Ice Cream storefront]  in April 2010.

Her gentle nature and love of animals is clear in this video with my own dog Mi Sun when she was a 7 week old puppy.

I put Christa on the spot by showing up, plopping the Korean Sapsaree puppy in her arms and asking, “how would you groom this dog?” [A breed that practically no one has ever heard of.]

Christa didn’t skip a beat explaining how she would proceed, first by learning about Sapsarees and then discussing her findings with the human client so both dog and owner received the best service possible.

Christa gets to know her canine clients and makes each one comfortable so his or her experience in the shop leaves a positive lasting impression.

Zoey Girl Pet Services is named after Christa’s own dog and offers more than just grooming. They also will house sit your pet, providing dog walking and home visits and/or sleep overs while you are on vacation so you won’t have to board your dog in a strange kennel somewhere.

Christa also offers dog training using positive reinforcement methods, both in the shop and through the Milford Adult Ed at Foran High School.

Zoey Girl comes highly recommended by many Orange residents who bring their pets back time and time again.

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