Jul 302012

Emergency Preparedness Drill planned.

During Hurricane Irene last August, the Orange Police Department, Volunteer Fire Department, Highway Department, Emergency Management Personnel and CERT came together with an excellent plan that covered every possible challenge seamlessly.

The Police Headquarters served as the Emergency Command Center, with representatives from each department working together for a full 48-hour period.

This weekend every town and city in the state is taking part in the Emergency Preparedness and Planning Initiative (EPPI).

Emergency Management Director Fred Palmer said, “‘Orange is participating in the Statewide Hurricane Exercise — EPPI Statewide Hurricane Exercise 2012 on Monday and Tuesday, July 30 and 31.”

With the threat of thunderstorms on both days, the inclement weather will simply add a bit of reality to the mock situations.

If last year’s actual activation of the town’s plan is a gauge for what Orange can do, the town will surely impress the powers that be in Hartford and Homeland Security.


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