Aug 062012

If you’ve never recycled before, but want to do it, this is a wonderful time to start. Since last year Orange has been able to take part in the single stream recycling program.

No more bundling newspapers or separating your glass containers and plastics. There are so many more things that are accepted in your recycling bins now and the Orange Recycling Committee hopes to make everyone aware of them.

The best thing for most consumers is knowing that you can now recycle all plastic containers labeled #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7 as long as they are rinsed out before tossed in the bin, how simple is that.

The list of Non Recyclable items as listed by the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA) should be placed where it is easily accessible until you are used to it.

• no garbage

• no plastic bags

• no books of any kind

• no bottle caps

• no plastic utensils

• no food waste

• no polystyrene or styrofoam

• no hazardous chemical containers

• no plastic toys or sporting goods

• no electronics or batteries

• no compact discs or DVDs

• no foam egg cartons

• no ice cream cartons

• no light bulbs

• no hangers

• no yard waste or garden tools

• no pots and pans

• no phone books

• no pizza boxes

• no black plastic containers

• no wax or plastic coated cardboard

• no plant containers

• no medicine or medication bottles

• no Tyvek or similar envelopes

• no food tainted items (paper plates, boxes, paper towels, napkins)

Since single stream recycling began, the town of Orange has fallen short.

You may visit the Recycling Committee’s website at https://www.orange-ct.gov/govser/recycling.html or send them an e-mail at orangerecycles@gmail.com for further information about recycling.

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