Aug 092012

The Emerald Ash Borer has arrived in Amity, but before you cut down your trees there is hope.

Everyone is talking about the Emerald Ash Borer and the devastation it can cause.

The beautiful shiny beetle has already been found in Amity in Bethany and can destroy every Ash tree it comes in contact with.

The DEEP has put a strict ban taking firewood out of New Haven County starting today unless it goes through an expensive bug treatment process. Anyone caught removing it from the New Haven County area faces a $100 fine. (so far).

In Massachusettes, the problem was so bad that 25 square miles of land was roped off, and every single Ash tree was cut down, according to one local landscaping  company owner. “Ash is native to CT, so our state may be trying to model its battle against the beetles after them,” he said.

Orange’s Greensprays LLC is actively trying to prevent the mass destruction of the Ash trees with injections that can help prevent the borers from killing the trees and cure diseased trees.

Bayer Labs produces the material that Greensprays uses exclusively.

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