Aug 182012

Twelve weeks and one day after launching Orange Live, the only online news site exclusively covering the town of Orange and its residents.

Five hours after I was FREED from my former job, and fulfilling my promise to the after school kids and bringing my dog for her weekly visit, I started the Orange Live Facebook Page — within an hour I had the required 30 “likes” to have complete control of the site.

That night I purchased the Orangectlive.com domain name and with the help of a wonderful friend, began building the website.

Six days later I launched Orange Live and that day, I was delighted to get 1,657 hits — like a grain of sand on the beach now.

Oh sure, there were those who said I didn’t have a plan and that Orange Live would never go anywhere, but here it is, three months later, I’m still working a ridiculous amount of hours every day, including weekends and loving every second.

I’ve never been known to relax and vacations, well they are few and far between by choice. If I go away, who could I possibly trust to do what I do?

Today (Aug. 18) was a huge day for me, watching the statistics as Orange Live received and then surpassed one million hits.

I thank each and every one of you for turning to Orange Live for your daily news about your community.

I promise to do my part by keeping on top of the things that I know are important to you, and Sports Writer Phil Brodsky will be with me for the best Amity sports coverage you will find anywhere.  I’ll attend as many meetings and events as possible and continue to post all of your notices for you, just send them in.

Visit our Orange Live Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/Orangectlive and “LIKE” it for even more local information and conversations with your fellow townspeople.

I Love Orange and I love this Job. Thank You All again for your support.


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