Aug 182012

Amity Students in Scotland

More than a dozen students from the Amity Creative Theater (ATC) Department are in Europe where they were invited to perform the play “Almost Maine” at the Fringe Festival in Edinberg, Scotland. Director Rob Kennedy is one of their Chaperones and has been reporting back to us every day.

On Friday, Day 6, Kennedy wrote, “‘Almost Maine’ opened today and the students were excellent! Great performances both onstage and off!”

“We also toured Edinburgh Castle this morning, saw an “interesting” production of Alice in Wonderland by another AHSTF school and a few of us saw a great Canadian comedian,” he said. “Best surprise of the day was that two of our ACT parents (The Tambis’s) showed up unbeknownst to their daughter!”

The group looks forward to another full day, show two today.

Here are some of Kennedy’s photos from Day 6.


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