Aug 202012

Amity students perform a scene from Almost Maine in Scotland

The Amity students who were invited to perform at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, are winding down their visit.

On Sunday, Director Rob Kennedy wrote, “A quiet work day here in Fringe Land. This morning we handed out more flyers on the Royal Mile. Saw a student production of a Roman Comedy and performed an 8 p.m. show for our largest and most responsive audience yet. Oh and our door on the set got jammed in the first scene. Our awesome kids just worked around it and blocked the scene on the fly!”

After, they had pizza in the company of their new friends from Alberta Canada.

“Tomorrow (Monday) we close,” Kennedy said.

Visiting parent, Russ Adair wrote on the Amity theater site, “Saw the kids perform the third time in Edinburgh tonight and they were so on. They were led by the best audience yet. Everyone was into the show from the start. Major laughs and moving moments. Even a malfunctioning door (the only real set piece) could not throw them. They all ad libbed around it. Great job!”

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