Aug 222012

Since launching Orange Live in May, some residents, and politicians have been wondering how I will go about covering the upcoming local, state, and national elections as well as controversial issues.

The answer is simple — fairly.

I will post newsworthy information about candidates, issues, and events as they are submitted. If there happens to be more information about one party than another, it is simply that one side has a better publicity person than the other.

I will not be endorsing local candidates on Orange Live but I will do profiles of the key candidates.

If I request a candidate’s profile information or photograph, please send it to me as soon as possible to orangectlive01@gmail.com.

However, I will not run anything that resembles negative campaigning on Orange Live. Some may call that censorship — but I believe that candidates need to run on their own merits, and I plan to allow my readers to learn about the candidates without the mudslinging that will be found on many other newsmedia outlets.

Just as I do not step up to the voting table with you and help you fill in the circles on your ballot, I will let YOU decide who the best candidate is for YOU and your family.

I will go to the polls, take photos of both Democrats and Republicans and try to have an equal amount of photographs from both sides (After 15 years of covering Orange, I know that some people actually count images and judge) and finally I will get the results up online ASAP.

… and that is my political coverage policy.

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