Sep 262012

First Selectman Jim Zeoli addresses $5 parking query.

A $5 parking fee at the British Invasion Concert on The Fairground came into question at this month’s Selectmen’s meeting.

Orange Live and many concert goers were surprised when they drove up and saw the signs – with no prior notice and Selectman Joe Blake brought it up during the public session of the meeting.

“It’s just the element of surprise,” he said. “Usually there is advance notice if there is a parking fee, like at the fireworks. I’m wondering if some kind of policy should be put in place.”

First Selectman Jim Zeoli said there was a bit of a miscommunication that led to the parking fee, but when he questioned it, he was told that it was working and anyone that didn’t want to donate the $5 to the Amity Teen Center was free to go in without charge and enjoy the concert.

“If anyone feels it was unfair, they can come to my office, prove they were there and I will refund their money out of my pocket,” Zeoli said.

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