Oct 032012

A new beginners chess program has been proposed for the Park & Rec Department. (photo from www.VETTON)

Ryan Young, a Senior at Amity, went before the Park And Rec Commission at its September meeting to propose a new chess program for children and adults.

Ryan explained that he learned the game at the tender age of 4 and never lost his love for it.

He wants to run a program that brings beginners together and help them understand the game to the point where they can compete in a lower level tournament.

“I want to raise chess appreciation,” he said.

Often people ‘blow off’ playing chess because they don’t understand what’s going on during the games.

By the end of the program, Ryan would like his ‘students’ to be able to appreciate and play the game, as well as watch a high level competition and understand what is going on.

The Commissioners had a lively conversation about the program and two in particular, Jim Ronai and Jim O’Connor, whose children had participated in chess instructional programs over the years, spoke of its value.

After much discussion, the Commission agreed that Young’s class, starting with 12 to 16 participants would be an asset to the Park & Rec programs.

For more information or to express your interest, call the Park & Rec office at 891-4790.

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