Oct 262012

The weather map as of 11 a.m. today.

Meteorologist Kevin Arnone is updating information regarding Hurricane Sandy as it comes in. Keep checking back for the latest news by clicking on the “WEATHER” tab at the top of our page throughout the day.

Updates are in RED

Category 1 Storm moving NW at 12 mph just north of the Bahamas warm water. Current sustained winds at 80 mph and gusts of 90 mph and pressure at 968 mb.

Some Weather Model Talk:

The European Computer model or “ECMWF” which has been the most consistent over the past few days concerning Sandy hasn’t changed much from the 12z run. As of the latest run 00Z Friday now has the strong storm first making landfall south of Delaware, worst weather early Monday and throughout the afternoon.  Still a very ugly situation for CT but not the worst case.  The GFS Computer model, which has been all over the place concerning Sandy, now is beginning to shape up. Earlier in the week the GFS had Sandy way out to see but the latest 00z run brings the center of the storm around the NY/CT boarder.  Worst weather would be Tuesday into Tuesday Night. Sandy is a well-organized, big and strong CAT 1 storm right now which is forecasted consistently by both models to hold its strength up the eastern seaboard. As it moves north Sandy will grow in size. Getting caught up in the category of a hurricane is sometimes a waste of time in my eyes because there are so many other factors that go in to the actual strength of the storm other then wind. Example being size and how fast it’s moving as well as just the dynamics of the storm. For what it’s worth I also have been studying the NOGAPS Model which is the United States Navy Model.  This one is along the same lines as the ECMWF Model.  The latest 00Z Friday NAM model is beginning to agree with the GFS.

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