Oct 272012

Members of the OEM Team discuss Hurricane Sandy

The Town of Orange continues to prepare for Hurricane Sandy.  This storm has been very difficult to predict.  Current predictions indicate the worst weather from late morning Monday into Monday night as strong, damaging winds will cause trees and power lines to come down. Strong bands of rain also are expected.

Residents are urged to follow local news outlets for storm updates.  Residents with twitter accounts can follow @orangectemd for information.  Residents in low lying flood prone areas are asked to begin preparations to evacuate, Emergency services may be unable to reach you should rising water block roadways.

Residents should expect power outages.  Information regarding outages can be found at www.uinet.com or on twitter @UnitedIllum. Residents should never handle, move or touch downed power, phone or cable lines.  These lines can be energized and cause serious injury or death.

Residents utilizing generators should ensure it is properly connected and in well ventilated area.  They should NEVER be run indoors or in garages, generators emit carbon monoxide which can lead to death.

Sand bags are available at the Orange Highway Department at 308 Lambert Rd.  Bags are free, bring your own shovel.

Homeowners are asked to clear storm drains of leaves and debris.  During the Storm, police and fire personnel will be staged throughout the town, please be patient as the response may be hampered by closed roads.

Orange Live attended the Emergency Management Meeting on Friday and posted this information yesterday, some of it in greater detail.

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