Dec 302012

Memories returned from the sea

Milford-Orange Animal Control officers were walking on Silver Sands Beach (just a few hundred feet from the shelter’s front door) after Hurricane Sandy whipped the Milford shoreline in October and began picking up  bits and pieces of people’s lives.

The damaging waves that ran through the beachfront homes gifted the ocean with many priceless memories that it stole from the houses, then, as the tide came in and went out again, the water deposited the items back onto the beach.

Lead Animal Control Officer Rick George gathered up old calendars, family photos,  a classic car book, bookmarks, notepads and more.

If you recognize or belong to any of the photos of people or that Pug in front of a blue storm door, they have been dried out and are at the Animal Control, 664 E. Broadway, Milford.

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