Jan 012013

A few first time 5k runners will be joining the masses at today’s annual Chilly Chili Run.

The temperature is predicted to be appropriately chilly so you may be tempted to overdress to keep warm, which will quickly backfire on you.

Dressing in layers that you can easily remove if necessary as you go may be a better strategy.

According to writer Rick Morris from Runningplanet.com three specific layers, each with its own purpose is the way to go.

The Chilly Chili Run has the most pre-registrations in its history, if the weather cooperates it should be a lot of fun with 5 runners over the age of 90 hitting the pavement with all the young-uns.

The race begins at 10:30 a.m. at the High Plains Community Center.  Registration for runners is $25 now and on the day of the race.  Registration for the Fitness Walk is $12 now and on the day of the race.

If you’re not running, come on down and cheer the participants on along the route — and dress accordingly.

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