Jan 302013

Amity Middle School

There has been a plethora of news articles recently concerning steps school districts in our area are taking to tighten security measures. I want the Amity community to know that we too have been busy reviewing our security procedures. We have been working with law enforcement professionals from all three communities to ensure any gaps in security are addressed. We have taken steps to improve what is the high level of security that has been in place at Amity.

I will not go into specifics on all our security measures but can tell you that we are implementing the following:

·         Enhancing lockdown procedures at Amity High School

·         Identifying an evacuation location for the middle school in Orange

·         Increasing a part-time security guard at Amity High School to full-time. This will give us 3 full-time security guards in addition to the full-time School Resource Officer. We have one full-time security guard at each middle school.

·         Installation of a locked door with buzz in system at the District Office (Such systems are currently in place at the three schools)

·         Creating a risk assessment protocol which will be in place in all three schools

·         Implementing a “If you know something tell someone” campaign to encourage any member of the Amity community who has a legitimate concern about the potential for violence to come forward to a responsible adult

·         Updating our emergency procedures flip-chart which is in place in every classroom

·         Training all substitute teachers in emergency procedures

There are other efforts underway that are not for public distribution. Please be assured that we remain vigilant and will continue to review and revise procedures as needed. Our paramount concern is for the safety and well being of our students and staff.

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