Jul 252013

File photo from a park & Rec meeting

File photo from a park & Rec meeting

The Orange Park & Recreation Department met Wednesday night at Town Hall.

First up on the discussion was the update on the Wolfe Park renovation phases.

Also, FYI: The Racebrook Tract is now cleared of most of the downed trees from the storms and safe for people to walk.

Commissioner Jim Ronai asked who takes care of the baseball fields at Old Tavern Park primarily Brinley Field, which needs work because balls are bouncing and hitting players in the face and other parts of the body during games, whereas on a properly maintained field that doesn’t happen.

Director Dan Lynch said he would look into it.

Rauch Field Scoreboard was replaced, Orange Little League paid for it.

All Park & Rec summer programs have begun. there are openings for day camp and mini camp.

Also, there is a spotlight in the parking lot of Puerto Vallarta that is blinding players at bat and could be to blame for players getting hit by the ball.

Ronai said he spoke with someone who maintains the property and they are willing to change the angle of the light so the remainder of the season will be safer for the players.

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