Sep 072013

Tyler Burns scores a touchdown in Friday's scrimmage game against Oxford.

Tyler Burns scores a touchdown in Friday’s scrimmage game against Oxford.

The Amity Spartans Varsity Football team won an exhibition game against Oxford at the Wolverines field, 21-15, on Friday, Sept. 6.

Amity still has a grass field, whereas the Wolverines play on artificial turf.

The Amity tri-town referendum to approve (or deny) an artificial turf field at the high school will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 24 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Orange residents will vote only at the High Plains Community Center. Absentee Ballots are now available at the Town Clerk’s office until the day before the referendum (Monday, Sept. 23).

For those who think the change from grass to turf is an expensive, unnecessary luxury item, see what 2013-14 Varsity Co-Captain Joey Choiniere (10) had to say.

“It will help as far as practice goes,” he said. “We won’t have to cancel practice because the field is muddy, and we won’t have to worry about the field being torn up.”

With the feel of Oxford’s turf still fresh on his mind, Choiniere said it was a lot easier playing on the turf than it is playing on the grass.

More photos will be posted on our Orange Live Facebook Page tonight.

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