Sep 082013

SOLD SIGNTown Clerk Patrick O’Sullivan released this list of recent property transfers in Orange:

207 Midland Drive, $363,000, John Alexander Jr. Trust to David Carcova, filed on Aug. 23.

419 Butternut Court, $338,000, Frank Cileno jr. to Christopher Maksymiw, filed on Aug. 26.

205 Boston Post Road, $900,000, Stephen Loomis to Two Hundred ThirteenTwo Hundred Seventeen, filed on Aug. 26.

620 Race Brook Road, $370,000, Strathmore Holdings LLC to South Orange Center Road Holding Company, filed on Aug. 26.

199 Sunrise Hill Circle, $609,756, Sunrise Hill Estates LLC to Jay Hirshfield, filed on Aug. 27.

208 High Plains Drive, $350,000, Marie Crisco Est AKA, to Ida Avakian and Valentin Loureiro, filed on Aug. 27.

257 Mallard Drive, $360,000, Dauria Associates Limited Partnership to Christopher Smernoff, filed on Aug. 27.

340 Wildwood Drive, $300,000, Lawrence Dragunoff to Frank Cileno Jr. filed on Aug. 28.

420 Yellow Brick Road, $450,000, Wojciech Chrosny to Brenda Cordova, filed on Aug. 28.

412 Hilltop Road, $120,000, Mary Quirion Cons to K&D Custom Builders LLC, filed on Aug. 30.

461 Dogwood Road, $266,000, Jeffrey Marks to Aleksander Akhavan-Zanjani, filed on Sept. 3.

374 Orange Center Road, $426,900, William Laydon Trust to Gomosta Muniruzzaman, filed on Sept. 3.

870 Grassy Hill Road, $416,750, Brookfield Relocation Inc to Robin Leigh, filed on Sept. 4.

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