Jan 022014

Snowfall059The latest from Meteorologist Kevin Arnone

After analyzing data from today, I am very confident in a forecast for the next few days.

Expect snow to begin after midnight tonight (Wednesday night) and continuing throughout the night and much of the morning.  This will be a very light snow falling at a light pace.  By early afternoon tomorrow only expect 1-2 inches.

There will be breaks in the action during the day tomorrow where the sun may even peek out for a few minutes.

As the storm moves off shore it will develop into a much more powerful organized storm.  This will occur late Thursday night.  A much steadier snow will fall sometime after 10 PM Thursday Night depending upon the exact track of the storm.  Winds will pick up; gusts of 40+ mph are very possible.

Snow will continue through the overnight hours on Thursday night and come to an end early Friday Morning.

When it is all said and done 5-10 Inches throughout the state of CT with some spots of 10+.

It will be very tough to get an accurate snow measure Friday Morning because of snow drifts!

One thing I am worried about is the wind chill values.

Thursday night wind chills throughout the state will be well below 0 degrees.

If you are outside make sure you wear layers.

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