Jan 092014

Peck Place School

Peck Place School

On Monday, Jan. 6, at 7 a.m. the custodian at Peck Place School discovered that a water pipe had frozen and broken and flooded much of the elementary school.

Students were sent to two other schools all week, so their studies would not be interrupted.

Supt. Lynn McMullin has kept the Peck Place community abreast of everything that school administrators have been doing and everyone had high hopes that the children would soon be able to return to their own school.

A few parents have contacted Orange Live, stating that they are pleased with the immediate response to the emergency situation and the communication they have received from McMullin. Others, however are growing anxious, wondering what will happen with their children next week.

The most recent notice is posted on the Orange Schools website offers details of the damage sustained in the flood.

In short:

Contractors were working to reinsulate and install new ceilings in some classrooms; replacing damaged rugs and floor tiles where needed; and the administrators were working on reordering damaged technology, classroom materials and supplies with the goal of getting students back into the building by Monday, Jan. 13.

Unfortunately, everything came to a halt on Wednesday, Jan. 8, when workmen and school administrators discovered that flooring tiles throughout the affected area were increasingly popping up as they dried.

The floor tiles, which were installed in 1969 using mastic glue (containing asbestos) broke as people walked on them. Air quality testing was ordered and any teachers who stayed behind to do inventory in the school were sent back to Race Brook and Turkey Hill schools.

Orange received an emergency abatement permit from the CT Department of Public Health to remove the old tiles and mastic — instead of any other temporary fix.

Although air quality tests came up negative, during the abatement, no one under the age of 18 can be present on the Peck premises.

Parents with questions or concerns about this may contact Environmental Sanitarian Laschone Garrison at 860-509-7367 or by e-mail at laschone.garrison@ct.gov.

What now?

The temporary accommodations at Race Brook and Turkey Hill schools worked out well this week, but with the recent damage assessment, McMullin, Principal Erc Carbone and Business Manager Kevin McNabola are working tirelessly to locate a facility or facilities that can provide classroom space for the Peck Place students until the abatement work is completed.

Click on THIS LINK for full notice that was sent out on Wednesday, Jan. 8.


Editor’s Note: As many of you know, the Orange Live work computer died on Christmas Day leaving me to do this site on antiquated equipment, some of which will not recognize nor open gmail or PDF documents. It has been a challenge getting the news out and I know many of you are disappointed by the lack of coverage on this issue.  I hope to get a replacement computer to get Orange Live back on track by Friday afternoon. 

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