Jan 172014

My Mac and the man who saved her.

My Mac and the man who saved her.

I want to tell you all about a wonderful man named John DiNicola “the computer whisperer.” But before I do that, I have to tell you how I came to learn about his wonderful abilities. (Yes, this is an opinion piece).

The Long Story

As many Orange Live readers know, I had some challenges over the past month after my faithful MacBook Pro died on Christmas morning. The Mac Experts told me to pull the plug, it was gone.

Even though I had a stand-by desktop Mac Mini, it was so old it wouldn’t even recognize Google Chrome or G-mail. (the Orange Live e-mail is a g-mail account)

The saving grace for mobility at the time was a beautiful Acer laptop that I had won in a contest a year ago, but the Windows 8 program was extremely difficult for me to grasp after having been forced into the world of Mac in Two Prior workplaces.

I made due with the Acer until my granddaughter, who I love dearly, spilled an entire cup of coffee into the keyboard and fried it. — what did I do? I hugged her and told her it was an accident and moved on to plan “B” — Begging for donations so I could buy a new Mac.

Monetary donations came in, and I was so grateful, and then a friend told me I could have an old Mac laptop that she was no longer using. Long story short, she wiped the hard drive and I was back in business – to a point – it was an older model that had difficulty with Google Chrome and yes, g-mail recognition. But thanks to her I was back on my feet and happy there were ways to work around this tiny glitch. (YES, I returned the money that had been donated)

Along Comes John

I have known John DiNicola as the IT person for the town of Orange and his wife, Alice (trunk-or-treat) for several years but it wasn’t until First Selectman Jim Zeoli said “Ask John, he can fix anything.” that I thought of him as a private contractor.

I took a deep breath and asked if he could look at it, mentioning, of course that the Mac Experts had labeled it DOA.

John said he was not a Mac person, per se, but he was teaching himself about them and was willing to try.

I dropped it off along with the power cord and within a day, he contacted me with good news. “I think I know what’s wrong. Give me a couple of days.”

After the weekend, he gave me a call and told me that she would be ready the next day.

Sure enough, I got his call and went to pick her up. What a relief to fire her up and see the familiar screen saver.

What about the donated Mac?

I called my friend who’d donated the Mac Laptop and let her know about my good fortune asking what she wanted me to do with HER computer. She graciously told me to keep it as a backup just in case.

Back to John

If you have computer issues and your computer is like mine, it will rise from the ashes with the help of the computer Guru John DiNicola. (I call him that, he is much too modest to go that far).

He is willing to come to you, or you can drop it off with him for a look.

I highly recommend John. He’s smart, kind, honest and hard working. If you need his services call 203-848-4704 to make arrangements.



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